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Help for Fear of Dogs
Dog Phobia Hypnotherapy


Overcome your fear of dogs now.

Overcome That Fear of Dogs

Are you ready to let go of that old fear of dogs?

Perhaps it has started to get in the way of things you want to do.

Perhaps you've just had enough of that irrational feeling.

It can be a deep emotional fear, that may seem like it has got stuck and couldn't be controlled.

It is time for that to change with hypnotherapy.

I'm Keith Dewey, and I'm here to help.

It's time to trance-form that old fear of dogs with hypnotherapy.

You can book your hypnotherapy now.

What is dog phobia?

The emotional mind is there to protect us.

But sometimes it can become over protective.

It may have been a single event that you experienced.

It may have been other people's behaviours.

But you probably know, now, that your emotional mind is over reacting.

You can turn that emotional mind response down.

You can put your logical mind back in control.

You might have had a fear of big dogs or fear of little dogs. Perhaps a fear of cats too.

It might have been specific breeds, such as German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles or Poodles.

Whatever used to trigger your fear, we are here to help you.

Dealing with Dog Fears

I use a range of powerful techniques, including hypnotherapy to help you change that old automated emotional response.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful way to access the emotional mind.

Just like when you physically react to a film. It's that deep focus that can create the change you need.

To help you make the change, I've fully qualified in hypnotherapy, and registered with organisations that are accredited by the UK Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for healthcare, including the National Hypnotherapy Society and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), as well as the National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH) and International Hypotherapy Association (IHA).

I'm here to help you make that change.

What Are Common Dog Phobia Symptoms?

Phobias, such as the fear of dogs, often have four components.

They are often categorised into emotional, physical, behavioural and cognitive.

The brain's emotional response increases heart rate, breathing and muscle tension, as you want to run or hide, made worse by on-going thought patterns.

All of this can create considerable anxiety and may even cause traumatic memories or PTSD.

That fear can change. Book your meeting here.

Dog Phobia Therapy Near Me

Our meeting can be:

If you are ready to overcome that fear of dogs, you can book your dog phobia therapy meeting with us now.

Book Your Dog Phobia Hypnotherapy meeting

We only expect you to need a couple of meetings, at our excellent value.

If you are ready to change, book your meeting here.

Or Contact Us

If you'd to discuss how our therapies can help, please contact us here:

Help For Fear Of Dogs - Phobia Therapy and Treatments

FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced phobia therapy to help overcome that old fear of dogs.

We also provide specialist phobia therapy for other fears, including
fear of cats, fear of dentists, fear of spiders, fear of needles and injections.

Book your meeting now.

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