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Hypnosis for Anxiety in Guildford and London

Keith Dewey, B.Sc. Cog Sci (Hons), CNHC registered, MNCH (Reg), NLP Prac, ADCH, MNSP.

Your Accredited Hypnotherapist
Calming Your Mind.

Overcoming Anxiety and Panic in London and Guildford

Sometimes, feelings of anxiety, fear, worry or panic can seem overwhelming.

Those feelings may be disproportionate and unwanted.

They can also be very difficult to control with your conscious thoughts.

By using rapid therapies that work with the subconscious mind, I can help you to deeply calm those feelings.

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an overwhelming sense of worry.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  1. Brain fog

    making it harder to think clearly.
  2. Trembling

    as your body releases stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.
  3. Increased heart rate

    as your body prepares to fight or flight.
  4. Shortness of breath

    as your breathing becomes more shallow.
  5. Sleep issues

    such as insomnia, difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty staying asleep.
  6. Stomach issues

    , such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  7. Bladder issues

    making you need the loo more.

These feelings are all created by your subconscious mind, which can be changed.

Your subconscious mind does many amazing things for you. It processes all the information from our senses and maintains our body, including heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and metabolic rate. It gives us instictive behaviours.

Normally, it only shares some of that information with our conscious mind. The things that are really important.

But sometimes, it gets overheated, and starts sharing more information and more feelings than we need.

All that information can be overwhelming.

By changing your subconscious thoughts, you can change your feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in London and Guildford

To help you reduce feelings of anxiety, I use therapies that are designed to work directly with the subconscious mind.

We will create an environment where you can relax, and change your thoughts, using a mix of hypnotherapy, clinical NLP, BWRT, Havening, EFT and TFT.

We will be creating a space where you can find it hard to not relax deeply and comfortably.

Anxiety Hypnotherpy Near Me

I look forward to working with you to make that change.

My private therapy locations include:

I am here for you.

Client Testimonials

Real help for real clients:

"I found Keith and am so glad, he was absolutely amazing and so kind, patient and had all the time in the world for our Son. We are so grateful to Keith and can't recommend him enough. 5 star rating via Facebook and Trustpilot."

"Keith has done wonders. I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 15 years. With the recent covid-19 events I started having dark thoughts and knew I had to seek help. Keith has helped me stop these thoughts and start to bring back my happiness. Highly recommend him! 5 star rating via Google."

"Keith is an amazing therapist, professional, relaxed and extremely patient. I am utterly astonished with the results of my session with him. I feel a sense of calm and self acceptance that hasn't been there before. I honestly believe my life has been changed positively from this therapy. I can't thank Keith enough. 5 star rating via Facebook."

"Last night and this morning, I have been able to carry out simple household tasks, without feeling totally overwhelmed. Without doubt, you are the best therapist I have ever worked with, and I've worked with a few! As a therapist, you're a bit like a can of Heineken... you reach the parts that other therapists cannot reach!!!"

Overcome anxiety

Are you ready for help with anxiety?

FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic in London, Guildford, Surrey and online.

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