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PTSD Trauma Treatment UK Hypnotherapy


Release that pain.

PTSD Hypnotherapy Online and Surrey

Hypnosis is a scientifically proven therapy for PTSD treatment.

Diary for EMLI and PTSD Trauma - Havening.

I provide hypnotherapy for PTSD online (Zoom) and in Surrey, UK.

Are you suffering from symptoms of PTSD or traumatic memories?

PTSD symptoms can include disturbing memories, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, anger and addictive behaviours.

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Hypnotherapy can help PTSD recovery, without spending a long time delving into those unwanted memories.

I am here for you.

Together we can release that pain.

Can Hypnosis help PTSD and Trauma?


Hypnosis treatment can help PTSD recovery.

PTSD is an acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You may also see CPTSD, which is Complex PTSD.

This just means that brain has become hyper sensitive due to events that happened, and the brain needs retraining to relax.

You may be surprised to hear that hypnosis was used extensive in the first world war, to help soldiers suffering from shell shock, now often referred to as combat stress - one cause of PTSD.

In 1917, the book "Shell Shock and its lessons" states "Among soldiers suffering from the long-standing effects of shell- shock, hypnosis may be able in some cases to help in the restoration of health with an effectiveness that no other method can rival." Although they also note some of the limitations, as techniques had yet to fully develop and they were often dealing with very severe cases.

More recently, in 2008, Eitan Abramowitz and team researched "hypnotherapy in the treatment of chronic combat-related PSTD patiends suffering from insomnia" and concluded there were significant improvements from hypnotherapy, which remained after one month check-in. This included reduced PTSD symptoms, decreased intrusion and avoidance reactions, and improved sleep. All of that was gained from just four hypnotherapy sessions over two weeks.

In 2016, Siobhan O'Toole and team analysed existing studies (a meta-analysis) of "Hypnotherapeutic Techniques in the Treatment of PTSD Symptoms". They concluded that forms of hypnotherapy were effective treatment for traumatic stress, with large effect sizes in the samples included. In addition, the specific PTSD symptoms of intrusion and avoidance were both found to decrease significantly in response to hypnotherapy. Therefore, in every area measured by this analysis, hypnotherapeutic techniques significantly reduced PTSD symptoms, regardless of the time since the trauma occurred and whether it was witnessed, directly experienced, or both.

Hypnotherapy can help in the treatment of PTSD recovery.

Book now for help with PTSD and trauma.

The PTSD Hypnotherapist

When you book your hypnotherapy appointment, you will be working with Keith Dewey.

Keith Dewey

Keith is well known for helping clients feel comfortable and relaxed, and for making amazing changes happen.

He has trained in a wide variety of hypnotherapy techniques, to help provide rapid, safe and effective help.

He is a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, National Council of Hypnotherapy, and the British Psychological Society (GMBPsS).

He has trained in various forms of hypnotherapy, including solution focused, clinical and Ericksonian.

He has also trained in Havening, NLP (Master Practitioner), BWRT, EFT and EMDR.

He has helped hundreds of people and is ready to help you.

All you need to do is book your appointment and Keith will help with the rest.

Get Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Our Hypnosis for PTSD clinic is based in Reigate, Surrey, near Kent, Sussex, London and Hampshire.

We provide treatment for PTSD near Ashtead, Caterham, Crawley, Croydon, Dorking, East Grinstead, Epsom, Esher, Ewell, Guildford, Horley, Kent, Kingston, Horsham, Leatherhead, London, Oxted, Redhill, Richmond, Sevenoaks, Sussex, Sutton, Tadworth, Walton on Thames, Weybridge and Woking.

If you live further from Reigate, we provide online hypnosis for PTSD via Zoom, for clients across the UK and globally.

Book Hypnotherapy for PTSD

To book hypnosis for PTSD, find the time that works for you.

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If you'd like to talk to Keith, our hypnotherapist, please call 0800 292 2126 or send him a message:

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We provide hypnosis for PTSD in Surrey and online

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