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Terms and Conditions


This page provides details of our terms and conditions when working with clients.

New Client Agreement

All new clients are required to accurately complete the New Client Agreement, before therapy can commence.

Recreational drugs

Your therapist will be unable to proceed with a therapy session if they believe you might be under the influence of recreational drugs.

We recommend not drinking alcohol or smoking, 48 hours before your session.

We recommend not drinking highly caffeinated drinks, 5 hour before your session.

We recommend not eating high sugar foods, 2 hours before your session.

We recommend being appropriately hydrated for your session, using drinks such as water.

The full fee will be payable for the session, if it is terminated due to the client being under the influence of recreational drugs.


Your therapist cannot provide medical advice or medical diagnosis.

The client must notify the therapist if they are on any prescribed medication.

Our therapy can normally continue when the client is on medication, subject to the Doctor Referrals term (see below).

We strongly advise clients to work closely with doctors when stopping medication. Some forms of medication, such as many anti-depressants, can cause major side-effects if withdrawl is not tapered (slowly reduced under supervision), including the potential side-effect of major clinical depression or increased suicidal ideation.

Working with Children

We require written consent from an authorised adult before working with children who are younger than sixteen years old.

We may require an adult to be present, during the therapy session, where appropriate.


Some types of therapy are contraindicated (not allowed by current regulations) for certain conditions. This includes clients who are current, have recently, or are suspected to have symptoms of:

Doctor Referrals

If you have a medical mental health condition that relates to the matter that you are seeking help for, your therapist may need to notify your doctor, and potentially gain the consent of your doctor, before certain therapies can commence.

We will not contact the doctor until we have the client's consent.

While your therapist is well trained in the therapies they use, they are not medically trained as a doctor.


Standard client confidentiality applies to information given to your therapist.

Your therapist will not disclose any matters discussed during the therapy session unless required to by law or for legal reasons.

If your therapist believes anyone's life is in danger, your therapist will need to share relevant information with other appropriate authorities, such as doctors.


Our therapists will not tollerate any form of physical or mental abuse.

The therapist may immediately terminate a therapy session or therapy relationship, and may notify the police, if they are treated inappropriately by the client or people known to the client.

Only Do Good

Therapists have the right to terminate therapy sessions or client relations at any time, if they do not believe their therapy will help the client.


Every client is different. Their symptoms are different, their experiences and background (mental map of the world) are different, their goals are different, their future activities are different.

This also means that therapy is different for every client.

Your therapist is committed to doing their best, using their skills in an appropriate manner, to help you make the changes that you want, as quickly as possible.

However, your therapist cannot provide any guarantees regarding how well the therapy will work, how long it will take, or how long it will last.

Some clients will experience huge change within 30 minutes. Some clients won't change.

Your therapist will do their best, to help get you to where you want to be.

Therapy Audio Recordings

Only use our audio recordings when you are in a place to safely relax completely.

Do not listen to or play the recordings when driving, operating machinery, or when you need to be consciously concentrating.

International Appointments

Our therapy is only provided in the UK under UK law. This includes online video conferencing, such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google or Doxy.Me.

Our use of terms such as counsellor, psychotherapist and therapist are applicable in the UK. We do not hold licences in other countries or States.

We provide support to complement medical treatment, not as an alternative unless approved by those medical teams.

Online Appointments (Zoom, Skype, Google,, etc)

The client is fully and solely responsible for ensuring that their environment and techniques are appropriate and adequate for online appointments

Further details can be found here:

What Else?

If you require any further information, please contact us directly.

FreeYourMind.UK Therapy Terms and Conditions

FreeYourMind.UK terms and conditions for therapists and clients.