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Treatment Costs


Buying A Better You.

Investing In Your Treatment

What is the cost of single treatment sessions?

How many treatment sessions will you need?

How does the Mind Gym membership subscription work?

What is the value and benefits from treatment?

Find our here and click the links when you are ready to book.

Treatment Options For Specific Issues

Treatment sessions can be bought individually, or in discounted blocks of three or six.

Alternatively, you can book single session treatments directly into our calendar here.

The Mind Gym Membership - Your Personal Mind Trainer

We help lots of people quickly overcome issues.

But we've never had a client ask us for help because they feel too amazing.

Everyone can always think, feel and do better.

Just like physical health, mental health can benefit from maintenance and care.

That is where joining the Mind Gym can help.

The Mind Gym is for long term improvements to your mental health, to keep getting better, and better, and better.

It is to help you really thrive in life.

Mind Gym membership includes a weekly meeting with your personal mind trainer, plus support via email or messenger.

Your personal mind trainer will combine advanced psychological therapies with counselling, coaching and mentoring.

We use a fully personalised approach, focused on your life, and who you want to be.

The Mind Gym is provided on a subscription model, with no charge to join or leave, and no maximum contracted duration.

Treatment Duration For Issues

Our primary aim is to help you as quickly as possible.

However, treatment times do vary. We can't guarantee an outcome or duration.

The following estimates are provided as a general guide:

Anxiety 3 to 6 sessions.
Anger 1 to 3 sessions.
Chronic Pain 1 to 6 sessions.
Emotional Eating 6 to 12 sessions.
IBS 1 to 3 sessions.
Insomnia 1 to 6 sessions.
Traumatic Memories 1 to 3 sessions.
Phobias 3 to 6 sessions.
Smoking & Vaping 3 to 6 sessions.

Why might change take longer?

Everyone has different beliefs, issues, habits, environments, bodies, and life experiences.

All those things can change the speed of our treatments.

Other reasons that sometime mean that change may take longer include:

  1. Taking medication or drugs that affects parts of the brain that we need to work with.
    Please do not alter medication unless advised by the doctor.
  2. Neurodiverse labels, such as ADHD and autism. There is often underlying triggers that may need changing, or beliefs relating to the label.
  3. If you're doing the change for someone else.
  4. Someone else asked you to change.
  5. You want to change, but you don't want to be different.
  6. You don't think you can change.
  7. You don't want to change.
  8. You can't imagine how you would like to be.
  9. Comorbidities, such as other mental health issues that may be linked.
  10. If you are still in the environment that triggered the original problem.
  11. Lack of nutrition or movement.

We also can't use some therapies for people with psychosis, epilespy and pace makers.

We only work with people who want to change for themselves.

Investing in Your Treatment

Consider Total Costs

Our therapies are designed to work quickly.

We don't expect to work on an issue for more than ten sessions.

But some therapies expect to take a long time.

£60, every week, for seven years. That would be nearly £22,000.

The speed, effectiveness and total cost of treatments really matters.

What is feeling better worth?

Treatment could change your life.

How much better could your future be, after you make that change?

How can you put a price on that?

Our Standards

The quality of our results are our absolute priority.

Our therapist has trained and qualified in a wide range of therapies.

He has trained with many of the global industry leaders in advanced psychological therapies.

He is actively engaged in universities for research into new and better psychological solutions.

He is here to help you.

Time For Change

To book your treatment, use the links above, or click to book directly into our calendar here.

Contact Us For Information

If you'd like to know more, please send us a message.

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