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The Mental Fitness Expert · Online · Surrey
The Surrey Mental Wellbeing Personal Trainer

CLICK TO BOOK HELP or call 0800 292 2126.

Take The Time To Invest In You.


Treatment Benefits and Prices.

Investing In You

You're here for a reason and that reason is important.

You deserve to enjoy your life even more.

To think, feel and do better.

Just think how much has that issue cost you already.

Perhaps the impact on your life, your future, your family or your friends?

It's time to make that change.

We're here to help.

Because you are worth it.

Standard Treatment Options

Our treatments are tailored for you and for your needs.

We aim to help you as quickly as possible and to help embed that positive change.

We want to reward you for investing in yourself.

So, we provide block booking opportunities with discounted pricing:

  1. Single one hour treatment session for £95.
  2. Three hour treatment sessions for £80 each (£45 saving).
  3. Six hour treatment sessions for £70 each (£150 saving).

That time could change your life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself because you deserve it.

Twice Monthly Positive Mental Health Booster

We believe in positive psychology.

Don't wait until you feel bad then scrape yourself up again.

Improve you mental health with two mental health booster treatments each month.

Payment is provided on a monthly subscription model.

Contact Us For Information

If you'd like to know more, just send us a message.