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Find EMDR Therapy for PTSD Trauma

EMDR is an NHS solution for PTSD.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming.

This therapy is often recommended by the NHS for people with PTSD or psychologically traumatic memories.

They may also recommend medication or CBT-TF (Trauma Focused) talking therapy.

EMDR uses "bi-lateral stimulation", such as tapping or looking back and forth, left and right, while recalling difficult memories.

EMDR Research

EMDR has undergone some formal research.

It is now recommended by NICE, which advises NHS doctors and GPs in the UK.

In 2014, Francine Shapiro, who had invented the technique in the 1990s, reviewed twenty four studies into EMDR. Francine concluded that seven of ten studies found EMDR therapy to more rapid and more effective than trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy. Twelve of the studies found decreased negative meotions or distrubing images.

Conversely, in January 2024, Simonne Lesley Wright reviewed 15 studies, in research now published in the Cambridge University Press, concluding they did not find significant difference between EMDR and other psychological treatments tested. Although, they did find unemployed people had higher PTSD symptom severity after the tests, and more males dropped out of the tests than females. The other therapies included relaxation therapy, REM-Desensitization, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Prolonged Exposure (CBT-TF [PE]), Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy (CBT-TF [BEP]) and CBT-TF.

Find Free EMDR therapy

Unfortunately, there is often quite a long waiting list to get EMDR therapy on the NHS, because they do not have enough EMDR trained staff.

To find free EMDR therapists for PTSD, it is typically necessary to speak with GPs or NHS mental health teams, then wait.

Alternatives to EMDR therapy for PTSD

Due to a surprising lack of research into alternatives to EMDR and medication, other techniques are often referred to as "complementary".

Other types of therapy that are often used to help people with traumatic memories including Havening, BWRT, NLP and hypnotherapy.

These types of therapies are available in private practise, rather than NHS.

These therapies are known for quickly helping people.

While these therapies are often used in private practise to help people, there has been very little formal research by universities and they are not recognised by NICE.

We fully support all research into these other types of therapy.

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EMDR therapy is an NHS solution to PTSD and traumatic memories.