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Therapy For Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma symptoms

Trauma that is experienced during childhood can have a profound experience on the developing young brain.

The trauma may be caused by psychological, physical or sexual abuse, bullying, neglect or witnessing violence.

Childhood trauma can cause lasting mental and physical effects.

As an adult, signs of trauma can include feelings worthless, low self-esteem, helplessness, mental fog, anxiety, depression.

Other side-effects may include difficulties maintaining relationships, PTSD, insomnia, emotional eating, nailbiting or addictions.

Help is available.

Therapy for childhood trauma

Our therapy focuses on desensitizing deep emotional memories from those earlier years.

This approach is different to talking therapies, like CBT and medication.

By using psychosensory therapies (like EMDR+, Havening and EFT) and hypnotherapy, we may help release the difficult memories, thoughts and feelings that were encoded during the trauma.

We are registered with key UK health regulators, with requires commitment to their codes of ethics, training, supervision. We also maintain certificates on the DBS.

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For help with childhood trauma:

Therapy to help with childhood trauma in London and Surrey (Guildford) using hypnotherapy and EMDR+.
Overcome childhood trauma in Surrey and London.