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BWRT in Reigate, Surrey, London, Online


Therapy for change.

BWRT in Reigate, Surrey, London, Online

Are you looking for a new approach to therapy?

Something to help with an unwanted emotion-based issue or problem?

Perhaps a private therapy that is different to the traditional therapies like talking therapies or CBT counselling?

BWRT is a revolutionary new therapy, designed for creating rapid change.

It can often help with issues within a short timeframe, such as:

Our BWRT therapy service is based in Reigate, Surrey, near London.

We also provide BWRT online if you need help and live further away.

To try BWRT, simply book with our BWRT registered practitioner today.

What is BWRT?

BWRT is short for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy.

It is a revolutionary approach to changing thought patterns, created by UK professional therapist Terence Watts in 2014.

BWRT uses carefully designed protocols and processes, to help clients quickly retrain the automated parts of their brains.

Some issues can even be resolved without the client having to tell the therapist about the details of their problem.

As a certified BWRT professional therapist, I can help you from my private therapy room in Reigate, Surrey, near London.

If you live further afield, BWRT therapy can also be provide online, via Zoom or Teams.

How was BWRT invented?

In this video, BWRT inventor, Terence Watts, speaks about the origination of BWRT.

How does BWRT help?

This second video describes more about what BWRT can help with, presented by the creator of BWRT, Terence Watts.

Find BWRT in Reigate, Surrey, London, Online and BWRT Near Me!

Experience the power of BWRT in Surrey, near London, Kent and Sussex, or Online!

Keith Dewey, the advanced mental wellbeing therapist at FreeYourMind.UK, is a formally qualified BWRT professional practitioner, trained and certified directly by the global Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy.

Here's a picture of BWRT therapist Keith Dewey with the creator of BWRT, Terence Watts, taken at the 2023 BWRT Congress, just before Keith presented to peer practitioners!

Keith is experienced in a wide range of therapies, and does a great job of helping people feel comfortable and at ease as he guides them through their change.

Keith is often able to provide appointments in the evenings or weekends, as the client comes first!

If you are ready to try BWRT with Keith, simply call 0800 292 2126 or book your appointment using the form below.

How is BWRT different to other therapies

BWRT does not need you to spend lots of time exploring, talking about, or consciously accepting your thoughts, feelings or memories.

BWRT does not require you to take any medication. We do not advise on medical matters.

BWRT uses a fully conscious state. You are fully awake and in control at all times.

We largely focus on how you want be, rather than what that previous version of you used to do. It is solution focused.

BWRT normally only requires two to six appointments, but you may change in one session and that is fine too.

No negative side effects have been reported.

It can quickly make change happen.

Get Help For Your Issue

What would you like help with?

Book Your BWRT Therapy Now

To try BWRT for your issue now, simple select the date and time that works for you here:

What is BWRT Level 1?

We typically use BWRT Level 1 if there is a specific event or trigger causing problems.

For example, memories of a traumatic event, or a specific phobia.

What is BWRT Level 2?

BWRT Level 2 covers wider concerns that are more linked with a person's core identity or behaviours.

BWRT level 2 requires at least 4 sessions, plus resolution of any specific traumas using the level 1 protocol.

It includes approaches for:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Stop smoking or vaping
  • Weight loss (relationship with self and food)
  • Addictions or dependencies
  • Bullying (relationship or school, bullying or being bullied)
  • Obsessive behaviours

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