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FreeYourMind.UK Proudly Sponsors
Capel Military Show 2021
Dorking Surrey & PTSD

Our counselling team at are delighted to be named sponsors for the Capel Military Show in Dorking, Surrey, on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September 2021.

Besides being a great family event, the show matters to us because they also support several charities, which help veterans dealing with mental health issues that arose from their time serving our country, which can include trauma, PTSD and CPTSD, which can lead to isolation, overwhelm, addiction and suicide. They deserve help.

Tank At Capel Military Show Dorking Surrey

What Is Capel Military Show 2021?

Capel Military show combines a wide range of amazing military vehicles while supporting the leading military charities.

On the Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September 2021, you can see all the action from:

Tickets only cost £12 on the door.

For more information, visit the Capel Military Show 2021 website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Every year, the show raises around £10,000 for charities including:

Military PTSD and Combat Stress

When someone risk their lives for our country and our nation, we don't believe they should be left to suffer.

Far too military veterans are left with emotional wounds, combat stress or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Without appropriate support, their subconscious mind may push family and friends away, increase anxiety or anger, make it harder to work, and lead to an increased risk in addictions or suicide.

We don't think that is anywhere near good enough.

At, our therapy to help with traumatic memories is heavily discounted, for anyone who has served in the armed forces, police, fire or ambulance services.

Contact us, using the form below or by calling 01306 866232, for more information.

For Help With Traumatic Memories

If you need help dealing with those old emotions, contact us today.

Visit Capel Military Vehicle Show Near Dorking, Surrey. 4/5 September 2021. Great Entertainment For The Family. Contributions Help PTSD Combat Stress, Help For Heros, SSAFA Veterans.