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How Can EMLI Trigger PTSD Trauma? Havening Tools

Learn about EMLI for Trauma

What is EMLI?

E.M.L.I. is a simple and important acronym relating to trauma, emotional memories, and PTSD.

Diary for EMLI and PTSD Trauma - Havening.

EMLI was developed by the Havening therapy community.

EMLI stands for:

  1. Event
  2. Meaningful
  3. Landscape
  4. Inescapable

We'll look into each of these words in more detail below.

And if you need help with the feelings from traumatic, difficult or unwanted memories, we are here to help you.

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E.M.L.I for Trauma PTSD in Havening

Let's look at the concept of EMLI on more detail.

1) Event

Something will have happened.

There will have been an event, or events, that triggered the difficult feelings to be stored in the brain.

2) Meaningful

Something personal happened

Those event will have been meaningful to the individual.

If the event hadn't mattered, then the feelings wouldn't matter now.

3) Landscape

The personal thing happened at a stressful time. The was an emotionally elevated landscape.

For example, there might have been other difficult things happening or the individual may have just been really busy.

4) Inescapable

The person may have found that event physically or mentally difficult to escape from.

They may have felt unable to walk or run away from the situation.

They may have felt physically trapped.

It might have been a psychological stressor, such as an illness, that we can't run away from.

Trauma Support Services

We use techniques such as Havening to help release the difficult feeling from difficult EMLI memories.

To learn more, visit our trauma therapy hub or book help now.

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