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Expert Havening Therapy Practitioner Near Me

Book now, to experience the amazing benefits of Havening Techniques® with an experienced practitioner who is trained and certified by the Global Havening Organisation.

Havening can help you to make deep changes within the brain.

Havening is often used to help with anxiety, panic attacks, anger, post traumatic stress, PTSD, sadness, phobias and worries.

At FreeYourMind.UK, we provide advanced Havening Counselling online (Zoom) and from our relaxing therapy rooms in Leatherhead, Surrey in the Surrey Hills, (near Dorking, Horsham, Guildford, Crawley, Epsom, Esher, Cobham, Redhill, Reigate, Sutton, Croydon, Kingston and London).

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What is Havening Counselling?

Havening is a new and advanced psychosensory therapy.

It was developed by Dr Ron Ruden and Dr Steve Ruden, and first came to the UK in 2013.

Following years of research into neuroscience and psychology, Havening can help to make rapid changes to the emotional memories and processing.

Clients are often amazed at the speed of change, as old problems can simply drift away within minutes.

Havening Technique Video

In this short video, the co-creator of Havening, Dr Ron Ruden, M.D. / PH.D describes Havening.

How can Havening Help?

Havening helps to release emotional trauma, emotional memories and emotional processes in the brain.

We won't need to talk much about any bad things that may have happened to you.

Our focus is helping you to release those negative feelings, not to explore or understand them.

Our advanced Havening practitioner, Keith Dewey, has helped hundreds of people with advanced counselling techniques such as Havening.

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