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Surrey Mental Wellbeing Trainer
Surrey Mental Wellbeing Trainer

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Surrey Tapping Therapy

Helping you to think and feel better.


Surrey Tapping Can Help You Feel Better

I have been absolutely amazed by Tapping and the way it can help to rapidly improve thoughts and feelings.

I didn't understand how it worked, so was skeptical at first.

But then I saw people change.

And now I keep using it to help clients.

If you want to change your thoughts and feelings, why wait any longer?

Tapping Therapy with Keith Dewey

My name is Keith Dewey.

Having trained in a range of psychological, coaching, counselling and psychotherapy approaches over the years, I became curious about the positive results I was hearing about Tapping Therapies.

The people I spoke with actually seemed quite nonchalant about the amazing changes they had made, with improvements to sleep, anxiety, anger, jealousy, phobias, and other areas.

For me, it seemed like a big thing they had achieved.

In 2018, I became certified in EFT and TFT Tapping Techniques as a Master Practitioner with the National Society of Psychotherapists.

Since then, I've tapped with hundreds of clients, helping them to make the changes that they wanted to make.

I still look forward to when science can explain the details of what is actually happening.

I know science is starting to get there, with research into the link between physical tapping and changing brain waves.

But until then, and as long as Tapping keeps helping my clients, I will keep helping them to tap those unwanted thoughts and feelings away.

How Does Tapping Therapy Work?

Tapping is easy!

We'll have a quick chat about what has been bothering you.

Keith will then simply guide you through the Tapping protocol, including where to tap and what to say.

Improvements can happen in less than an hour.

People often comment how easy Tapping Therapy is to do.

Of course, that's really helped by Keith's experience and approach.

The number of sessions you'll want will depend on the type and number of matters being worked on.

You can come back whenever you find something to improve.

Book Your Improvement Here

It is important that you only book if you really want to feel better.

Each session is £80 for 50 minutes, and you may only need one session.

To feel better, simply choose the date and time that works for you, because it can be that easy.

Ask about Surrey Tapping Therapist

Do you want to ask a question before booking? Simply send us a message.

Surrey Tapping therapies in Reigate can help you to quickly and simply improve your thoughts and feelings, including anxiety, anger, trauma and pain.