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What is Havening?

Havening is a new and powerful technique to rapidly help your subconcious mind.

It is increasingly used to help with trauma, PTSD, phobia, fear or anxiety.

A study by Kings College London, on 27 participants suffering from trauma related anxiety (GAD-7) and depression (PHQ-9), found significant improvements one week and two months after a single session of Havening.

Havening is a psycho-sensory technique, which uses the mind-body link to help rapidly change neural pathways.

It represents a third pillar in psychotherapy, in contrast with talk therapies (such as CBT and psychodynamic therapy) and drug treatments.

FreeYourMind.UK provides Havening in London, Havening in Guildford, Surrey and Havening online.

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How does Havening work?

Havening was developed through more than ten years of scientific study into the neuroscience of trauma.

The research uncovered studies showing how traumatic events can be encoded into deep subconscious parts of the brain, with high frequency (gamma) brain waves actually altering the surface structure of brain cells.

The research also found studies on how Havening Touch can create very slow frequency (delta) brain waves, which can rapidly reset the surface structure in the brain.

The technique can help to delink memories and emotions, so those old events no longer need to bother you.

Havening Technique Video

In this short video, the co-creator of Havening, Dr Ron Ruden, M.D. / PH.D describes Havening.

What is a Havening session like?

There are several different types of Havening. The right approach for you will be carefully chosen by a Havening Certified Practitioner.

We strongly recommend only receiving Havening from therapists who have been certified by the international Havening organisation, to ensure the technique is used correctly.

At a high level, if working with a traumatic memory:

  1. We will describe the Havening approach in more detail.
  2. We'll ask you to briefly think of the trauma. This will be quick, but enough to surface that feeling.
  3. We'll ask you to apply the Havening Touch, which is typically gentle stroking of your arms, palms or face.
  4. We'll talk to you about various topics, which are often seemlingly unrelated to your concern, but which are specifically designed to create that fast neuronal change.

After a while, we will check on the memory again, to see how it has changed. We may repeat the process a few times, to help fully reduce negative emotions.

This approach may sound too easy, but the results can be amazing.

Clients often find their emotions rapidly ease and traumatic memories become distanced.

What would that change be worth to you?

Your Havening Certified Practitioner

Keith Dewey, the lead coach and therapist at FreeYourMind.UK, is one of a small number of global specialists to become a Havening Certified Practitioner since the approach was publicly released in 2014.

Keith offers a confidential, caring and professional service, providing you with the space that you need to make the changes you want.

Havening Locations

FreeYourMind.UK provides Certified Practitioner Havening therapy:

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Are you ready to feel better?

FreeYourMind.UK provides Certified Practitioner Havening therapy to help with
trauma, anxiety and anger, fear and phobias,
online, in London and Guildford, Surrey.
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