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Hypnotherapy in Dorking, Surrey
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Your Advanced Professional Therapist


Helping To Change Minds

Your FreeYourMind.UK Therapist

Our therapy services are provided by Keith Dewey.

Keith is committed to helping clients release unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits.

Clients find him professional, friendly, knowledgeable, discreet and welcoming.

His approach makes therapy enjoyable and our clients expect to leave with a smile!

Keith specialises in techniques that are designed to quickly change subconscious thought patterns.

Techniques such as BWRT, Havening, Hypnotherapy, TFT and NLP.

This means he doesn't spend long delving into client's problems and doesn't provide medication.

His approach focuses more on how you want to be.

He often helps clients with concerns such as: anxiety and worry, anger management, fears and phobias, stress, traumatic memories or PTSD, quitting smoking and weight loss


As a professional therapist, Keith cares about quality, standards, ethics and best practises.

He is a member of:

He is also professionally insured for BWRT, hypnotherapy, TFT, Havening and NLP.

Training and Qualifications

Keith is passionate about finding the best techniques and continuous improvement.

His formal qualifications and training include:

Peer Engagement Hall Of Fame

Keith regularly participates in therapy discussion groups and often provides therapy to therapists.

He's had the pleasure of training directly with several leading therapists including:

Paul Mckenna:

Richard Bandler:

SCCP Hypnotherapists

And many more amazing therapists!

Contact Keith

To speak with Keith directly, please send him a message here:

Our advanced brain therapist, Keith Dewey, provides premium services to help with anxiety, anger, stress, phobias, traumatic memories, stopping smoking and losing weight.