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Here For You

Your Change Specialist

It's important that you choose the right person to help you change.

We hope this page helps you make that decision, with some useful insights into our change specialist, Keith Dewey.

But please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like a free 15 minute Zoom call to get to know Keith.

Or, if you are ready to change, you can click to book your session today.

Or, you can meet Keith at the FreeYourMind.UK stand on 9th October, at the Dorking Mindfest 2021.

Keith's Approach

Having worked with many, many clients, Keith has developed an approach that works:

He'll Focus On How You Want To Be

Keith won't spend lots of time talking about that old problem.

You've already spent long enough there.

He'll focus on the new you, and use an advanced range of amazing techniques to help you become this new person.

He'll Focus On Subconscious Change

You've already tried to change, using your conscious mind.

You need something more.

Keith uses amazing subconscious therapies, that are designed to work with the deeper parts of your brain that deals with habits and emotions.

He'll Listen Without Judgement

Stuff happens in life.

Keith want to help to be who you want to be.

About Keith

So, who is Keith Dewey, your change specialist?

Keith has always been fascinated by the brain.

He gained a degree in Cognitive Science (Science of the Mind) back in 1996, and has studied many approaches for therapy since, including Havening, Hypnotherapy, NLP, BWRT and TFT Tapping.

Over the years, he spent a lot of time in the corporate world, including financial services, retail, telco and IT industries. So he gets those stresses.

He has also worked with a wide range of clients, on a one-to-one basis. He has extensive experience helping people like you with issues such as: anxiety and worry, anger management, fears and phobias, stress, traumatic memories or PTSD, quitting smoking and weight loss.

He also has extensive experience helping people to perform better, physically and mentally, to be happier and achieve more.

Therapist Training

Keith has trained with some of the world's best therapists, including: Paul Mckenna and Richard Bandler:

His formal training and qualifications include:


As a professional therapist, Keith cares about quality, standards, ethics and best practises.

He is a member of:

He is also professionally insured for BWRT, hypnotherapy, TFT, Havening and NLP.

Need To Know More?

If you have a question, or would like to schedule a free 15 minute introductory call, please send us a message:

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Our Dorking Mind Therapy specialist, Keith Dewey, provides leading services to help with anxiety, anger, stress, phobias, traumatic memories, stopping smoking and losing weight in Surrey.