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What is a Muse EEG brainwave scanner?

Muse brainwave scanners are advanced home-use technologies for reading patterns of brainwaves.

The scanning is passive and only reads electric brainwaves that are detectable outside the head.

Muse brainwave scanners are easily placed on the head, like a headband, where they will start reading your brainwave signals.

The Muse software converts this into an Electroencephalogram (EEG) and interprets it into a format that we can understand, as images or sounds.

Muse brainwave scanner for meditation, trauma, anxiety and stress therapy.

What are brainwave frequencies?

When groups of neurons fire together, they create pulses of brainwaves.

Those brainwaves are detectable from outside your head.

The main types of brainwave frequencies are:

1 Hz is one wave per second.

Read more in our article about different brainwave frequencies.

How can Muse EEG brainwave scanners help mental health?

Understanding our brainwaves can be valuable for mental health.

Muse can help with meditation and provides various subscription options with guided meditation and software apps.

By using Muse scanner during meditation, you can experience biofeedback, where the system can confirm how deep you are meditating. Real meditation is much more than just closing your eyes and sitting still.

A 2015 study (P.F. Lee) found lower levels of alpha waves in people who were diagnosed with depression.

Havening Techniques® therapy has been shown to increase the soothing delta waves to help rapidly depotentiate (remove) emotional trauma from deep areas of the brain, such as the limbic system and amygdala.

Hypnotherapy trances often have increased theta wave activity and monitoring this with clients can help to confirm their state during therapy.

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If you feel overwhelmed by trauma or PTSD, we always recommend that you speak with your GP or doctor who may provide a formal diagnosis, medicine and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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