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Help With Fear of Dentists
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To help overcome your fear of Dentists.

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Dentists Phobias and Fears

Fearing the dentist - odontophobia - is one of the most common phobias.

But, avoiding the dentist can have many long term consequences, such as

But you don't need to be scared of the dentist anymore.

Are you ready to free your mind from that irrational fear of the dentist?

Dentist Phobia Symptoms

If you have a fear of dentists, you may experience physiological symptoms, such as shortness of breath, shaking or disorientation.

You may also experience behavioural symptoms like avoiding places, running away, crying, screaming or freezing in terror.

It can create considerable anxiety and even traumatic stress.

The symptoms are likely to be a deeply learnt subconscious response, which will be difficult for your conscious mind to control.

There may have been specific experiences with dentists that caused your subconscious mind to learn the fear.

Dentist Phobia Therapy

We are here to help you with your fear of dentists.

Our advanced phobia therapy is designed to work directly with the subconscious mind.

We incorporate therapy techniques from BWRT, Havening, TFT, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP.

We use these techniques to help you to recode that learnt fear response, and replace it with a happy feeling of calmness.

We expect clients to notice a signficant change within one or two appointments.

Your fear of dentists can be a thing of the past.

All you need to do is be ready and willing for change, and to follow our easy-to-follow instructions.

therapy help for dentist and dental phobia and fear

Dentist Phobia Therapy Locations

Our dentist Phobia Therapy is designed to work online, via video conference. We often use Zoom, Google Duo, Doxy.Me and Teams. We will help you get the video link set up.

Our Guildford therapy room and Woking therapy room is at GU3 3HQ, easily accessible from Godalming, Farnborough, Epsom, Cobham and Dorking.

We also have a range of therapy rooms in London, including Harley Street, Canary Wharf, Bank and Kensington.

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Help For Fear Of Dentists & Injections - Phobia Therapy

FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced phobia therapy to help overcome that old fear of dentists.

We also provide specialist phobia therapy for other fears, including fear of cats, fear of dogs, fear of needles, fear of spiders