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Dentists Phobias and Fears

Fearing the dentist - odontophobia - is one of the most common phobias.

But, avoiding the dentist can have many long term consequences, such as

There might be something specific you don't like about the dentist that you need help with.

Otherwise that fear can create very real "fight or flight" feelings through the brain and body.

But you don't need to be scared of the dentist anymore.

How much would you like that fear of dentists to just vanish?

Therapy for dentist phobias

I use advanced psychological techniques, like BWRT, NLP, Havening and EFT.

These techniques work directly with the subconscious mind, where those fears are programmed and stored.

Within a few sessions, you could find that fear just isn't there any more.

How good would that be?

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Therapy for fear of denstists

We can help you calm fear of dentists, dental phobias and odontophobia, using advanced BWRT, NLP and Havening therapies in London, Guildford, Surrey and online.