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How to Deal with IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects around 1 in 5 people.

For some people, it can be worse, making travel and social events much more difficult.

It is often triggered by automated pattern matching processes, deep in the brain.

We use advanced IBS Counselling Hypnotherapy to help change how your brain works, to change how your body works.

Are you ready to change that process and free your mind and body from IBS?

Our therapy room is in Wesley House, Leatherhead, Surrey. It's close to Leatherhead station and car parks.

We help people with anxiety in Epsom, Guildford, Dorking, Sutton, London, Kingston, Woking, Horsham and Croydon.

You can simply book now to start your change.

hypnotherapy for IBS in Leatherhead, Surrey

Advanced IBS Hypnotherapy

I use a pioneering mix of advanced therapy techniques, including hypnotherapy and BWRT, which are designed to work directly with your subconscious mind.

By retraining the instinctive thought patterns, we can help you to rapidly replace the IBS alert with a calmer response.

In 2010, formal medical research by Professor Valori, found that symptoms improved significantly for nine out of every ten of his patients as a result of IBS hypnotherapy.

We will help you put your logical mind back in control.

We typically expect clients to only require between two and six sessions.

Your IBS Hypnotherapist near Leatherhead

Our advanced IBS therapy is provided by Keith Dewey, B.Sc. Cog Sci (Hons), MNCH (Reg), NLP Prac, ADCH, MNSP.

He will be working with you, to help retrain your brain's response to envionmental triggers, so that your body no longer needs to trigger the IBS responses.

He is looking forward to helping you and will do his best to help you feel better during every session.

Client Testimonials

Real help for real clients:

"Keith is an amazing therapist, professional, relaxed and extremely patient. I am utterly astonished with the results of my session with him. I honestly believe my life has been changed positively from this therapy."

"We are so grateful to Keith and can't recommend him enough."

"I have really benefited from seeing Keith. He has taught me some incredibly helpful and very practical skills to work with, and after a one hour session I felt like I had managed to achieve a lot. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone else seeking similar support."

"An exceptionally supportive course of treatment employing a wide range of approaches - has been immensely helpful."

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FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced IBS treatment counselling hypnotherapy to help rapidly calm automated IBS responses.
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