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Help for phobia fear of dentists in Woking

Advanced Mind Therapy.
Quickly deal with that phobia.

Can I stop a fear of dentists?

We can help you to rapidly reduce that fear of dentists, by using advanced mind reprogramming techniques, such as hypnotherapy, Havening, BWRT and NLP.

Without that fear, you will be able to visit that dentist near Woking with ease.

What is odontophobia - dentist phobia?

Odontophobia - a fear of dentists - is one of the most common phobias in the UK.

This can be caused by a range of underlying fears, including a fear of pain, needles, blood, masks, drills, people, sounds, sights, etc.

Just the thought of it may have changed how you feel now?

Fears are caused by automated thought patterns that have been learnt deep within primal parts of the brain.

Those primal thoughts typically happen quicker than conscious thoughts, and can quickly flood your body with flight-fight stress hormones.

That's great if you were face to face with a lion, thousands of years ago.

It's not so good with a dentist in Woking, who is there to help you.

The automated phobic thought and the rush of stress hormones can make it very difficult to consciously think yourself calm.

Our help for your dentist phobia in Woking

We use several advanced mind techniques to help you quickly resolve that fear of dentists.

We are qualified in hypnotherapy, BWRT, NLP, Havening and EFT, which can all help you now.

They work with the subconscious mind, so that fear just doesn't need to be there any more.

Many clients only require one or two sessions to completely resolve that old fear of the dentist.

You can just forget to remember to worry.

How good would that be?

Our main therapy room is at Clasford Farm, Aldershot Road, Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 3HQ.

Our rooms are confidential, comfortable and relaxing, to help you release that old fear.

We are easy to reach from the M3, near Woking Peacock centre, Woking Hilton hotel, Woking NHS surgeries, Woking train station and Woking shopping centre.

Woking is also easy to reach from Guildford, Camberly, Farnborough, Cove, Windsor and Bracknell.

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FreeYourMind.UK in Woking, Surrey, for help with fears and phobias of dentists.