Study on hypnotherapy to quit smoking (Hasan 2007)
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Study: Hypnotherapy to stop smoking (Hasan, 2007)

Can hypnotherapy help to quit smoking?

In 2007, Doctor Faysal Hasan, MD (FCCP, North Shore Medical Center, Salem, MA) compared the quit rates of 67 smoking patients hospitalized with a cardiopulmonary diagnosis.

So, they all had a good reason to stop smoking, even if that had been forced on them by their physical health.

The 67 patients were divided into four groups, based on their own preferred method of smoking cessation treatment (brief counselling was also given to each group):

At 26 weeks after discharge from hospital, they found:

He also found that patients admitted with a cardiac diagnosis were more likely to have quit smoking (45%) than patients admitted with a pulmonary diagnosis (16%).

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