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Regulated qualified hypnotherapist

Are all hypnotherapists regulated and qualified?


I don't think that's very good!

Would you let an unqualified mechanic tinker with your car?

How about an unqualified therapist tinker with your brain?

Amazingly, even though hypnotherapy is an amazingly powerful therapy tool, hypnotherapists in the UK don't have to have qualifications, regulation or insurance.

I care about quality, so undertake extensive voluntary hypnotherapy training and hypnotherapy regulation in London and Guildford.

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I'm a CNCH regulated hypnotherapist

I'm regulated by the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). My registration number is CNHC4543.

CNHC was set up with UK government support and funding in 2008. Their sole purpose is to protect the public.

The CHNC is recognised and accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PAS) as an accredited voluntary register for the UK government.

General Medical Council (GMC) guidance confirms that doctors are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers, such as CNHC.

Hypnotherapists registered with CNHC for hypnotherapy have been assessed by this regulator as qualified, trained, under regular supervision and insured.

Those hypnotherapists have also agreed to comply with CNHC's Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance.

Click here to see our CNHC registration for hypnotherapy.

CNHC registered hypnotherapist

I'm a NCH regulated hypnotherapist

I'm a registered member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and have the post-nominals "MNCH (Reg)".

The National Council for Hypnotherapy holds one of the largest registers of independent hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom and strives to maintain the highest standards among its members.

NCH have awarded me the "Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma" (HPD NCH). The HPD has been accredited by NCFE, benchmarked at Level 4 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors). NCFE is an Awarding Organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma requires at least 120 hours of face to face training with an approved trainer and 450 hours of total study time.

Membership of NCH can be evidenced through their membership seal with current time stamp and membership page on the NCH website:

NCH Hypnotherapist

You can also check if other hypnotherapists are registered members, via the NCH registered hypnotherapist website.

Always check the membership level of NCH members. I am a "Full Member" of NCH. To become a Full Member of NCH, I had to undergo extensive training and undertook three hours of interview by an NCH assessor.

"Student Members" and "Associate Members" have not had their skills verified by NCH.

NCH is a member of the CNHC.

I'm a NSPsy regulated hypnotherapist

I'm a registered member of the National Society of Psychotherapists (NSPsy).

NSPsy also accredits my Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (ADCH) from the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (SCCP).

I'm the nominated Head of Research for NSPsy, which I use to collate information about evidence-based hypnotherapy practises.

I'm a BAThH regulated hypnotherapist

I'm a registered member of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners.

The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists & NLP Practitioners (BAThH) was the first properly constituted body for Professional Hypnotherapists in the U.K. and a founder member of the United Kingdom Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO). It is also a member of the CNHC.

I'm a Licenced Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Trained directly by Dr Richard Bandler, who established NLP in the 1970s.

There's lots of training courses on NLP, which stray from the original approach.

If using an NLP trained therapist, always check who they were trained by!

And More...

My further training includes:

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