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PTSD Trauma Counselling in Reigate, Surrey


We provide professional help for Traumatic Memories.
Because you can feel better and the time for change is now.

Help for PTSD Trauma in Reigate, Surrey

Have you been struggling with feelings from an event that happened?

Are you ready to let those PTSD trauma feelings go?

Are you ready to change and feel better?

We are here to help you release that old PTSD trauma.

Our Surrey PTSD Trauma Treatment Clinic is in Reigate, near Epsom, Sevenoaks, Cobham, Dorking, Sutton, Kingston, Woking, Guildford, Horsham, Crawley.

Our private PTSD trauma counsellor is ready to help you now.

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Because it is the time for change.

What are Common Symptoms of PTSD?

Traumatic memories often create a range of PTSD symptons, such as:

By releasing the emotional trauma from your memory, the symptoms can also be released.

You can feel better.

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PTSD Nightmares, Anxiety and Depression

Clients that have been struggling with PTSD traumas often ask us about

We typically find they are symptoms of the emotional trauma memory, rather than separate issues.

Releasing the emotional trauma can also rapidly help to release these symptoms.

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Therapy Treatment to Help with PTSD

Our treatment to help deal with PTSD trauma incorporates several leading psychological approaches, including:

We provide PTSD therapy from a relaxing, safe and private space

Change can be fast, so we also help you become the new happier you.

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Your PTSD Trauma Therapist

Your private PTSD counsellor is Keith Dewey MBPsS, MNCH (Reg), MNSP.

Keith will help you relax and help you feel better during every session.

He has trained in a wide range of therapies that can help people deal with the after effects of trauma, and he will be combining those learnings to help you.

Many of these therapies are designed to make significant changes within just a few sessions, although some complex cases take longer.

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Private PTSD Treatment near Surrey and London

Our private Surrey PTSD trauma clinic is in Wesley House, Leatherhead (KT22 7AH), Surrey.

We also operate a number of PTSD clinics near London, including Clapham, Bank, Waterloo and Canary Wharf.

Book Your Private Trauma Counselling Here

A 50 minute trauma counselling session only costs £80 and can help you to dramatically enhance your life.

Simply choose a date and time that works for you in our diary below, because we can help.


Want to know more? Simply call 0800 292 2126 or send us your contact details. Full GDPR rights apply.

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