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Help for PTSD Traumatic Memories

Traumatic events can leave lasting memories that are hard to deal with.

There may be mental or physical symptoms.

But there doesn't have to be.

You can overcome those traumatic memories.

We are here to help you make that change, from our PTSD clinic in Leatherhead, Surrey, near Epsom, Dorking, Sutton, London, Kingston, Woking, Guildford, Horsham, Crawley and Croydon.

To get started, you can register for a free 15 minute consultation call with our trauma specialist here:

Includes a free guide to dealing with PTSD to help start our counselling.

Treatment for PTSD

Traumatic memories get stored deeply in the "fight/flight/freeze" area of the brain.

That is why the thoughts and feelings can be so powerful.

But that is also why the right techniques can help it quickly change.

That emotional response can be decoupled from your factual memory, so that your mind and body can respond in a calmer, easier way.

Clients often notice their first improvement during the first session.

The PTSD Therapist

Your expert PTSD counsellor is Keith Dewey MBPsS, MNCH (Reg), MNSP.

Keith has trained in a wide range of therapies that can help people deal with the after effects of trauma, and he will be combining those learnings to help you.

Many of these therapies are designed to make significant changes within just one or two sessions, although complex cases may take longer.

Keith will do his best to help you feel better during every session.

To speak with Keith about the changes you want, simply register for your free introductory consultation.

Your Private PTSD Treatment Clinic

Our private PTSD treatment clinic is easy to reach from Surrey, London, Kent and Sussex.

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Includes a free guide to dealing with PTSD to help start our counselling.

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We'll be happy to help. You can also sign up for our free guide to dealing with PTSD to help start the counselling.

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