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Help for PTSD trauma near Guildford

Imagine how good you could feel.

FAST therapy for PTSD trauma near Guildford

PTSD trauma can leave a deep emotional memory in your subconscious mind.

It can start to overly influence what you think and feel.

You probably don't want those old those and feelings, but still find them hard to control.

We provide FAST therapy for trauma, from our treatment centre near Guildford, Surrey.

FAST therapy works directly with the subconscious mind, to release that underlying emotional memory.

It can help you to quickly regain control.

Visit us in Guildford, for help that can quickly release feelings of trauma.

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What is FAST therapy?

FAST therapy combines leading approaches to psychology, to help people with:

We won't spend a long time talking about your concern or using medications.

We will focus more on what you would like to have happen.

We will use carefully constructed mental imagery, to help your subconscious mind learn a new way of thinking.

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PTSD trauma therapy near Guildford

We can provide FAST trauma therapy online, via Zoom, or from our therapy rooms near Guildford, Surrey.

Guildford is easily accessible from the A3 or main trainlines, and is also close to:

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Help to deal with PTSD trauma near Guildford.
Fast therapy for PTSD trauma in Guildford
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