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Help To Beat Anger, Near Guildford

Because it is time to regain your calm.

Anger management therapy near Guildford

Has your anger, rage or irritability got out of control?

Is it time to do something about those powerful angry feelings?

Is it time for you to reprogramme your deeper brain and beat anger?

Book with us for advanced anger management treatment near Guildford.

How To Deal With Anger

Anger comes from a deeper part of your brain.

It was originally designed in prehistoric times, to keep your safe.

It is fast, powerful and closely connected to feelings and behaviours.

That is why it can be so hard for your higher logical brain to control it.

To deal with anger, you need to reprogramme that deeper anger response.

You need help to disconnect that trigger from the emotional response.

Visit us near Guildford, Surrey, for advanced anger management therapy that can help reprogramme the deeper part of your brain.

How To Release Anger

Our therapy will help you to directly reprogramme your deeper brain.

We won't be providing you with anger management strategies to try to deal with anger when it happens.

We will be disconnecting the deeper anger response, so you won't even need to consciously manage it.

The anger just won't need to exist.

We can then help you learn strategies to better manage people and situations without that old anger.

This is an important part of the change.

Anger Management therapy near Guildford

We will be using a number of modern therapy techniques that have only become available in the last few years.

You will find our approach easy, quick, caring, confidential and enjoyable.

We expect you will notice an important difference within just a couple of sessions.

Our main therapy rooms are in Dorking, Surrey, also near Chobham, Cobham, Dorking, Esher, Epsom, Farnham, Fleet, Godalming, Woking and Worplesdon.

Are you ready to reprogramme your deeper brain, release that angry response and beat anger now?

You can click here to book your first session now.

Contact Us About Anger Management Near Guildford

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Help to beat anger near Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Farnborough, Fleet, Cobham, Godalming

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