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IBS Hypnosis - Study 1 - Gonsalkorale 2003


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IBS Hypnosis Research by Gonsalkorale 2003

Many people are still unsure about hypnotherapy, even though it has been used to help people for thousands of years.

Using hypnotherapy as a powerful treatment for IBS has been well studied.

In this blog, we look at results of an IBS hypnotherapy study published in the British Medical Journal.

Image saying IBS Hypnotherapy Research by Dr Gonsalkorale, 2003.

In 2003, Dr Gonsalkorale found the benefits of hypnotherapy for IBS lasted at least five years.

The research was completed in Withington Hospital in Manchester, UK.

Unfortunately, a large part of the NHS and the medical community seem to have a tendency to ignore these important studies, to focus on supressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals instead.

We advocate long term relief by addressing the cause of the symptoms, rather than supressing symptoms.

If anyone tells you that hypnotherapy for IBS has not been researched, or is not evidenced based, then they are wrong!

In this blog, we'll take a look at the important results from this research in more detail.

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Dr Gonsalkorale IBS Hypnotherapy research

In his 2023 research paper, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Dr Gonsalkorale reported that:

There is good evidence from several sources that hypnotherapy can relieve IBS symptoms in the short term.

So, he researched long term benefits.

He started with 273 patients who had clinically diagnosed symptoms of IBS.

Each patient had up to 12 hypnotherapy sessions, each lasting one hour.

The wording used during hypnotherapy (the "therapy part") varied between sessions and between patients.

After at least one year, he sent questionnaires to those people.

240 patients responded to the questionnaire. So, 75% of people returned their answers. Of those:

Of all patients, 93% considered the IBS hypnotherapy had been worthwhile.

Immediately after the IBS hypnotherapy, 71% of patients considered their symptoms very much or moderately better.

Of those, 81% maintained the benefit of treatment or even reported further improvement over time.

These are really important findings. Most of the patients found their IBS symptoms had got better by using hypnotherapy.

It is also further proof that psychology and the brain often plays a significant role in the physical symptoms of IBS.

Want to Know More?

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Restricted access to research

A huge thanks goes to Dr Gonsalkorale, V Miller, A Afzal and P Whorwell for this research.

However, to buy access to the full artical on BMJ now costs a member of the public £50.

Our hypnotherapist has free access due to his connections with UK universities.

We find it concerning that important health information like this is being kept from the public.

We hope this changes.

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