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Research on Hypnosis for IBS - Gonsalkorale 2005 Journal Paper


Professional Help for IBS

Hypnotherapy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

In 2005, Wendy Gonsalkorale and team released a research article in the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

There is a lot of evidence that suggests hypnotherapy can help reduce symptoms of IBS with long term improvements.

This webpage forms part of our series, looking at previous research into hypnotherapy for IBS.

At, we provide clinical hypnotherapies to help with IBS.

Gonsalkorale Hypnosis for IBS Research Findings

The paper reflects on various research articles which they believe show that hypnotherapy has long lasting effects.

They found that most patients maintained their improvements in the long term.

Those patients also needed less consultations and medication.

Their article also discusses Gut directed hypnotherapy for IBS, which is a very specific form of hypnotherapy that focuses on the physical issue, without considering the use of hypnotherapy to help with the underlying psychological distress or phobia, which often sits beneath IBS.

Their article concluded that:

"The evidence that hypnotherapy is effective in the management of IBS is now so persuasive that it has recently been suggested 'that the skills of the hypnotherapist should be made routinely available to patients with functional GI disorders'"

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We are trained in clinical hypnotherapy and gut directed hynotherapy for IBS treatments.

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