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IBS NHS UK - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


NHS Advice for IBS

NHS Advice for IBS

The NHS state that they do not know what causes IBS and that they do not have a cure.

Image saying about IBS treatment.

However, they do recommend diet changes and medicines to help control the symptoms.

Read about the NHS UK advice for IBS here.

The NHS has not evaluated APT Treatment for IBS or hypnotherapy for IBS, so it is not yet in their list of recommendations.

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Getting Diagnosed with IBS NHS UK

To get a formal IBS diagnoses, visit your NHS doctor.

Your GP will ask you about your symptoms, when they happen, how often, how bad, and how long you've had them for.

Your GP might arrange a variety of blood tests, scans or camera work.

To speak with your GP, contact your local doctor surgery.

NHS UK Recommendations for IBS

The NHS recommend keeping a diary of IBS issues, eat homemade food with fresh ingredients, find ways to relax, exercise and try priobiotics.

They also recommend avoiding skipping meals, eating too quicky, eating fatty, spicy or processed foods, eating too much fruit, drinking too much tea or coffee, drinking lots of alcohol, or drinking lots of fizzy drinks.

The NHS might also recommend medications.

These recommendations typically focus on easing biological symptoms, rather than addressing the potential psychological or social causes that might be creating the body response and those IBS symptoms.

It is possible they are looking in the wrong place, which might be why they have not been able to identify a cure.

If the NHS has not been able to help, you might like to try APT Treatment or hypnotherapy.

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