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What is Gut Directed Hypnotherapy For IBS


Top IBS Treatments - Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

IBS Treatment - Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy for IBS is a proven, evidence based, treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Studies from the NHS by Professor Whorwell, in 2007, into gut directed hypnotherapy, found that as much as seventy percent of patients responded to the treatment, with the beneficial effects lasting for at least five years - the longest part of the study.

It is well established that IBS symptoms relate to the gut and these symptoms are often triggered by messages from the brain.

This includes IBS flare ups.

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What is Gut Directed Hypnotherapy?

To understand gut directed hypnotherapy, we need to consider three constituent parts.

"Gut Directed", "Hypno" and "Therapy".

Gut Directed

Gut directed means that words used during hypnotherapy is directed at inviting the gut to change and heal.

We include gut directed considerations when working with people suffering with ISB, but we also consider other stressors, pressures or traumas that the brain might be responding to, to help with more extensive change. We consider potential causes, as well as the symptoms.

Hypno or hypnosis

Even though hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, and everyone is regulary in trance states thoughout the day, hypnosis is very poorly understand by the scientific and medical communities.

Our favourite definition is "meditation with intent". That is, a mentally focused state, where you have the intent to make a specific change.

Hypnosis is very closely related to day-dreaming and dreaming, which is a way that the subconscious brain retrains itself.

Hypnosis can be a different experience for different people and can be a great form of psychological and physical treatment.

We use this focused state to help the brain, the gut, and the brain-gut connection to retrain themselves.


Therapy is actually as difficult to describe as hypnosis is.

There are over 400 types of psychological therapies.

Every therapist has a slightly different approach, using different tools, words, tones, and physical behaviours.

All these things, and more, can make a difference to IBS treatment.

There are thousands of "tools", ranging from visiting your younger self or the future you, to imaging relaxing places, to imaging your body healing.

All these tools can be very powerful in their own right.

This is why we often refer to "hypnotherapies", rather than "hypnotherapy".

There is not one hypnotherapy - it is a huge kaleidoscope of therapies.

Of course, you only need one of those hypnotherapies to work, for you, for IBS treatment.

That's why we often use lots of hypnotherapies in our sessions, to improve the chances of you having quick improvements.

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