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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
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More than a subconscious diet.

Weight Loss Diets Not Working?

Many of our weight loss hypnotherapy clients had been trying to lose weight for years.

They’d tried so many diets, like WeightWatchers, Slimfast, Noom and Huel.

But had struggled with two main issues:

  1. The diets focused on food, and food, and food.
  2. They didn’t work for long.

If you try really hard to not think about something, then that's what get's stuck in your mind.

Like trying really hard to not think about a really big orange elephant trying to get into your fridge.

When your conscious brain thinks about food, it tells the other 90% of your brain that it needs to think about food more too.

So, the more you think about not thinking about food, the more you'll find yourself just feeding yourself.

It’s time to stop that.

Change Your Mind To Lose Weight

FreeYourMind.UK Weight Loss Hypnotherapy uses a relaxed but focused state of mind to work directly with your subconscious mind.

Through our weight loss programme, we will work with you on creating long term change in three key areas:

Changing these three key areas, can help you make the changes you want.


We will help your subconscious mind seek more appropriate foods and more appropriate portions.

Where appropriate, we can include the virtual gastric band, to hypnotically help you to feel full faster.

We can also help with sugar addiction, which research suggests can be more powerful than cocaine, emotional eating and drinking.


Your subconscious brain automatically controls your pulse rate, your temperature, when you breath, and when you blink. Some of these can also be controlled consciously, while others can be controlled better through hypnosis.

Your subconscious brain also controls your metabolism - how much of your intake is stored as fat and how much is used for energy.

We use hypnotherapy to help encourage your subconscious mind to improve your metabolism and use energy rather than store it as fat.


We will help your subconscious mind to increase your level of movement, to help you burn more calories every day.

By making long term change to your intake, storage and usage, you stand a better chance at long term weight loss.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme

You can chose between our dedicated weight loss hypnotherapy programme or the individual weight loss hypnotherapy sessions.

Individual weight loss hypnotherapy sessions (50 mins) can be booked whenever you need a weight loss boost for £80.

The dedicated weight loss hypnotherapy programme provides the equivallent of 5 therapy sessions, with a £100 saving over individual sessions, plus two free bonus gifts

All for just £300 when you book today.

Our dedicated weight loss hypnotherapy programme includes:

  1. An initial detailed weight loss review and extended weight loss hypnotherapy session (110 mins).
  2. Three follow up sessions (50 mins), normally held one week apart, to help further embed and enhance your the new way of thinking in the subconscious mind.
  3. FREE BONUS GIFT 1 – Our advanced weight loss hypnotherapy recording, to help reinforce your new way of thinking on a daily basis.
  4. FREE BONUS GIFT 2 - Our Weight Loss Guidance booklet, with further information about the virtual gastric band, mental metabolic control, and useful hints and tips to help you make those changes that you want to make.

Hypnotherapy sessions are provided from our quiet, relaxing and confidential office in Clasford Farm (Guildford, GU3 3HQ)

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