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Therapy To Help Lose That Weight


Boosting Your Willpower.

Weight Loss Diets

Our weight loss clients have typically had enough of trying weight loss diets.

They may have tried:

Which ones have you tried?

Which one was temporary? Did you go back to your old thoughts and your old eating behaviours?

There's an important lesson here.

If you don't free your mind, then you won't free your body.

Before you book, I'd like you to confirm with yourself that you're really ready to change now.

Free Your Mind To Lose Weight

FreeYourMind.UK Weight Loss Package uses pioneering therapy techniques to help you change your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.

We include elements of BWRT Level 2, Havening, Clinical Hypontherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band.

These techniques are even used to help people overcome complex addictions, by helping them to change their core identity and boosting their willpower.

We will help you define how that new you thinks, feels and behaves, and then help you to become that person.

Weight Loss Therapy Package

Our Weight Loss Therapy Package is based around five, 50 minute appointments, over five weeks.

The package saves you £75 over individual appointment bookings.

It also includes a FREE BONUS GIFT of lifetime access to our “new you” online portal with assessments and daily practise tools.

All this for just £325 when you book today.

If any addition sessions are needed, to help release past traumas or for follow up sessions, these are also charged at the discounted £65 rate.

Book your first appointment here:

You can buy the package and book your first appointment using our diary right now.

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Pioneering Weight Loss Therapy

FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced therapy to help with weight loss, online, in London, Guildford and Woking Surrey.