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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Clients often say they've tried everything to stop smoking.

They say that nothing works, and that next cigarette just keeps appearing in their hand.

But often, within just a few therapy sessions, they find that they don't even think about smoking any more.

They may find it hard to remember why they smoked in the first place.

Their bodies will be on the way to full recovery.

Ready To Stop Smoking?

Is it time for you to stop smoking?

You'll know the reasons.

You may have tried before.

You just need something to help you become a non-smoker forever.

Are you ready?

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My Approach

Hello, my name is Keith Dewey.

As a highly qualified therapist, I'm here to help you stop smoking.

I will keep working with you, until you are a non-smoker.

I will be using a collection of advanced therapies including EMDR+, EFT, hypnotherapy, NLP and solution focused psychology.

The tools are proven to be fast, safe, effective and long lasting.

They work with the unconscious mind, to tackle the problem on three important levels:

  1. Chemical addiction, where your brain believes it needs the nicotine.
  2. Psychological addiction, where your brain believes that it needs smoking as part of your identity.
  3. Behavioural addiction, where your brain believes it needs to pick up another cigarette.

Our experience suggests that without resolving these three areas, it is much harder to become a long-term non-smoker.

I will also build in additional resilience, so that you are less likely to reach for a cigarette when life gets hard.

Many clients find a significant improvement during the first treatment, but we recommend three to six meetings to really embed the change.

We operate a range of treatment rooms in central London, and across Surrey and Hampshire.

Why not see what we can do?

Ready To Stop Smoking?

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