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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London and Surrey (Guildford)

Help to quit smoking

At FreeYourMind.UK, we use advanced mind therapies to rapidly help people stop smoking.

Have you found it difficult to become a non-smoker?

Smoking is often a deeply set habit.

Habits can become as automated as breathing, walking or brushing your teeth.

Deep habits like this can be hard for the conscious mind to stop.

That's why we use hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.

It focuses on working with your subconscious mind, where habits are stored.

We don't use medication or talking therapies.

We can provide our services from London, Guildford (Surrey) or online.

We can help you today.

Why stop smoking?

You have your reasons and that is most important.

  • One in two smokers die from a smoking related disease.
  • Smoking kills 80,000 people in England each year.
  • Smoking doubles your risk of a heart attack. This returns to normal after 15 years not smoking.
  • Smoking 20 a day doubles your risk of stomach cancer or ulcers
  • Smoking ages your skin, making it look grey and dull, staines teeth and damages your sense of taste.
  • Smoking doubles your risk of dying from a stroke and increases the risk of having a stroke by 50%.
  • 84% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking.
  • 93% of throat cancers are caused by smoking.
  • Up to 120,000 men from the UK in their 20s and 30s are impotent as a direct result of smoking.
  • Smoking while you are pregnant can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and illness, and it increases the risk of cot death by at least 25%.

Perhaps it is time to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Today

You are ready?

Does hypnotherapy work to stop smoking?

Formal studies are surprisingly limited, but hypnotherapists regularly help people to stop smoking.

It's a great approach.

In 2007, Dr. Hasan (MD, FCCP, North Shore Medical Center) conducted research on 67 smoking cessation patients and found that after 26 weeks:

What is hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?

Hypnotherapy is a highly focused state of relaxed awareness. You will be in control at all times.

The relaxation helps us work directly with the subconcious mind.

The change may be very fast and may be very long lasting.

We recommend three appointments to build long-term resilience, but some clients just lose interest in cigarettes during the first appointment.

Qualified and Regulated

There are many types of hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Results vary, depending on the approach being used.

At FreeYourMind.uk, our quit smoking hypnotherapist has trained with the best:

We are regulated for hypnotherapy by CNHC, BAThH, NCH and NSPsy.

Enhance DBS (CRB) checked and insured for your safety.

We're the right people to help you stop smoking.

You can quit

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