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Therapy Help For Fear and Phobias Near Me
Hypnosis Havening Hypnotherapy
Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London

We can help you release that fear.

Help to Overcome that Phobia

Phobias are irrational, but often very powerful fears.

In your logicial mind, you probably know that you are safe.

But the automated, instinctive parts of your brain, such as your Amygdala, will have other ideas.

The Amygdala uses experiences, rather than logic, to learn.

It was perfectly designed to protect you from sabre toothed tigers.

But it's not so well adapted for the world we currently live in.

Your Amygdala may have just learnt the wrong things.

brain hypnotherapy for phobias and fears in Surrey

And now, your Amygdala just needs some guidance and retraining.

But it probably isn't listening to your logical mind, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So, how can I help?

I use Deep Brain therapies, such as hypnotherapy, to help you retrain your Amygdala.

Your Amygdala can simply forget to worry.

Therapy for Phobias

I don't use drugs or talking therapy. My approach isn't available on the NHS.

I use a range of therapies that are designed to help change the deeper parts of your brain to relax.

Deep brain therapies that include hypnotherapy, NLP and Havening.

You no longer have to feel the fear.

I'm regulated by CNHC (hypnotherapy), NCH, BAThH and NSPsy, insured and annually certify with the extended DBS (CRB) check.

I typically recommend three appointments, but clients often notice an improvement within the first appointment.

Are you ready to change?

Want to know more?

If you want to know more, you can send us your details here, or simply book your appointment below.

What Are The Most Common Phobiasand Fears?

  • Spiders and snakes
  • Dentists or doctors
  • Public speaking
  • Heights
  • Flying, planes, trains and undergrounds
  • Dog and cats
  • Injections, needles or blood
  • Buttons
  • Open, crowded or small spaces
  • Social anxiety situations or being alone
  • Difficulties thinking about other things
  • Having trouble sleeping or staying asleep
  • Feeling a need to avoid the triggers
  • Erythrophobia - fear of phobia of blushing

Read more about

Read more about

Whatever your phobia is, your brain is creating that response for a reason.

I can help you to retrain your brain.

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For hypnotherapy to help with phobias in Dorking, Surrey and London.
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