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Help to stop nail biting

That nail biting habit

At Freeyourmind.UK we can rapidly help you stop biting your nails. How amazing could that be?

Clients often say their fingers just seems to have a mind of their own.

Before they know it, those fingers are just back in their mouth again.

Nail biting (Onychophagia) is very much a subconscious habit.

That's why we use therapies that work directly with the subconscious mind.

Nail biting often starts as a stress response, before turning into an addictive longer term habit.

It is a type of pathological grooming, often linked to OCD, that can result in physical damage and shame.

But you can stop biting your nails. We can help.

Hypnotherapy to help stop biting nails

To work with the subconscious mind for nail biting, we use hypnotherapy and NLP.

Hypnotherapy for nail biting starts with a focused relaxation.

You are in control at all times, because you will be retraining your subconscious mind.

We use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) language techniques to:

  1. Help your subconscious mind remember that finger nails are not really that tasty or good to eat.
  2. Help your subconscious mind replace the habit with a more positive action.
  3. Help to boost longer term resilience, so the finger nail biting habit is less likely to restart.

While some clients need more, many clients notice a considerable improvement after just one meeting.

Hypnotherapy for nail biting in London and Guildford

Our hypnotherapist provides help for nail biting from our hypnotherapy rooms in London and Guildford.

Our hypnotherapy for nail biting in London is based in Clapham and Harley Street.

Our hypnotherapy for nail biting in Guildford is based in Worplesdon (GU3), near Woking.

There are lots of different approaches to hypnotherapy for nail biting.

Not all hypnotherapy is the same!

That's why we take qualifications and regulations very seriously.

Our lead hypnotherapist for nail biting, Keith Dewey, is registered with CNHC (the government approved scheme), the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners, and the National Society of Psychotherapists.

Always check formal memberships and qualifications before booking a hypnotherapist for nail biting.

You deserve the best.

Stop biting your finger nails

It's time to make that change.

We care about you and your data.

At Freeyourmind.UK we can rapidly help you stop biting your nails. How amazing could that be?