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Coronavirus Anxiety Therapy

Coronavirus stress

The endless alarming messages about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has been creating a lot of deep fear and worry for many people.

In some cases, this is becoming anxiety.

Anxiety goes beyond the conscious mind, where you're not just thinking about the problem, but actually feeling it too.

It can cause excess feelings of unease and tiredness, insomnia and many other symptoms.

Coronavirus anxiety therapy

If you feel overwhelmed by worry and want some help, contact us today.

Help with Covid-19 anxiety

As with any anxiety, steps can be taken, in addition to receiving professional support.

  1. Take a moment. Many of us run around at full speed all day. Like we're being chased by a lion. This means we don't have extra capacity, or resilience, for when new things come along. Take some time for yourself. You deserve it.
  2. Focus in your body. Notice how your body feels and where the tensions are. Give it a warming mental massage.
  3. Slow, deep breaths. By breathing more slowly and deeply, you can tell your body that everything is OK.
  4. Accept the feelings. Your subconscious is giving you a message. Thank it for the message, and calmly confirm you're not in immediate danger.
  5. Imagine seeing yourself from outer space. See your house and your town. See other people, happy and healthy. Know that things are OK.
  6. Think how it feels to feel healthy.
  7. Escape from relentless media cycles. Find a hobby at home. Music, art or exercise?
  8. Laugh lots! Find things you enjoy. You can know that life is OK.

Please note that anxiety can be a serious mental health condition.

If you are struggling, always consult a medical health professional.

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