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Help for Coronavirus (Covid-19) Anxiety Symptoms
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How does Coronavirus affect mental health?

Coronavirus has forced huge change on the vast majority of people.

Forced change can be very unsettling to both our conscious and subconscious minds.

Our subconscious minds don't always tell us about their concern in obvious ways.

It doesn't always have access to the more advanced logical or linguistic parts in the brain.

So, we may just notice that our general thoughts, feelings or behaviours have curiously changed.

In this article, we'll be looking at:

How does Coronavirus affect our basic human needs?

We often use the Human Givens theory of psychology, when talking about the basic human needs.

Human Givens has identified nine core human needs, or "givens". They are:

Even a brief Covid lock-down can have a significant impact on many of these needs.

How many of your Human Givens have been affected by Coronavirus / Covid-19?

When our Human Givens are affected, it can quickly create subconscious tensions, especially when we are not in a position to control or change them.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus tensions?

The subconscious mind learns to express itself in its own unique way.

It starts to create its own response patterns when we're very young.

Everyone is different.

The tensions may be expressed through different thoughts, emotions, feelings or behaviours.

Common examples include:

How have your thoughts, feelings and habits changed?

Help with Coronavirus mental health concerns

Would you like some confidential, specialist help with your thoughts or feelings?

Help to deal with Coronavirus tension, anxiety and anger

If left unattended, symptoms of Coronavirus tension can get reinforced through day-to-day activities.

Those activities may have inadvertently told the subconscious mind that it's right to react in the way that it is, and it should be doing more of the same.

Often, that can just make matters worse over the long term.

While professional support is available for you if needed, there are also steps you can take at home to help release tensions.

Guided relaxation recordings

Guided relaxation recordings can help calm the subconscious mind and increase resilience.

FreeYourMind.UK has developed some advanced recordings that can be downloaded to your laptop, tablet or mobile.

The recordings are available via our bandcamp portal:

8 common ways to ease tension

These are the basics. Well known. Not rocket science. But often forgotten...

Which could you do more of?

  1. Know that things will be OK in time. They always are.
  2. Find things you used to enjoy. Do them more.
  3. Getting active exercise. It could be a walk. You can find something fun.
  4. Spending some time out in nature. Take time to become aware of what you can see, hear and feel.
  5. Moderating caffeine, alcohol, sugars and heavily processed foods.
  6. Take some time to breathe deeply and calmly. Let any muscle tensions relax.
  7. Know that feelings are only feelings. You can choose to acknowledge and accept them, rather than trying to fight them.
  8. Plan in downtime to give your conscious mind a rest. Being creative can help.

All these can help reduce the heat in our minds.

If you are struggling, we recommend consulting a medical health professional.

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We use an advanced range of recently discovered techniques, that are not even available on the NHS yet.

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Help with Coronavirus (Covid-19) anxiety symptoms online.
Help with Coronavirus (Covid-19) anxiety symptoms in London.
Help with Coronavirus (Covid-19) anxiety symptoms in Guildford (Surrey)
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