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Deep Brain Stress Detox With Hypnosis


It Is Time To Release That Pressure

Help To Release Stress

Our hypnotic deep brain stress detox is an amazing opportunity to help you quickly release unwanted thoughts, images, memories and emotions.

Those stresses that will have built up, over the days, months, weeks and years.

We've helped clients with a wide range of problematic thoughts, feelings and habits, ranging from anger, anxiety and fears, to traumatic memories, quitting smoking and emotional eating.

The common pattern with all these clients was that their deep emotional brain was unnecessarily holding on to negative thoughts from the past.

All those old problems, stresses, pressures and concerns were creating too much heat in the deep emotional brain.

It was time to release those old feelings.

Our stress detox uses advanced hypnosis techniques, provided by our registered clinical hypnotherapist, to help you free your mind.

The Hypno Stress Detox

Watch this video to learn about our hypno stress detox.

What Are Your Mental Stresses?

Over time, the stresses and pressures of daily living will inevitably build up, deeply in your brain.

Those deeper parts of your brain were originally designed to aid survival in prehistoric times.

They weren't designed for the emotional challenges of our modern world.

Just like a pressure cooker, those negative thoughts, feelings, images and memories will start looking for a way to escape.

Some of the pressures will be released during the day, as you work through problems.

Some of the pressures will be released at night, as you dream, although this can also be exhausting.

But any remaining pressures will just be adding more heat to your system.

More heat, day, by day, by day.

What Are The Symptoms of Mental Stresses?

As mental stresses build up over time, in the deeper parts of the brain, they can be expressed through a range of symptoms.

You may have found those long-term pressures creating mental issues, such feelings of overwhelm, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression, exhaustion or insomnia.

Or they may be creating physical issues, like bodily aches and pains (lower back, shoulders, neck and headaches are most common), IBS, rashes, or fibromyalgia.

You may feel ready to lift the lid on that pressure, and let your brain detox from those old unwanted pressures and stress.

Our Brain Stress Detox is designed to help to do that.

What is the Brain Stress Detox?

The Brain Stress Detox uses powerful guided meditation and clinical hypnotherapy techniques to help you release pressures in the deeper parts of the brain.

We don't have to go into details about what created the pressures, although we can provide trauma release therapy if there are specific concerns.

Your 50 minute session will be an opportunity for you take time out from your busy day.

An opportunity to help your mind and body to relax, deeply and safely.

An opportunity for you to simply release those old pressures, knowing that, without them, you can feel better.

An opportunity to replace those pressures with feelings of more confidence, more self-esteem and more positivity.

Without that old mental baggage weighing you down, you will be able sleep better, feel more calm, and get more done.

How amazing will that be for your life?

Book Your Brain Stress Detox Today

To book your Brain Stress Detox, simply click here to visit our booking page, where you can select a date and time that is right for you.

Standard Covid precautions are in place, for the safety of you, your friends and family and our staff.

Our Brain Stress Detox sessions are provided by Keith Dewey, registered hypnotherapist with the National Hypnotherapy Society.

Our primary therapy room is at Tillow Barn, in Brockham:

Our full address: FreeYourMind.UK, Tillow Barn, Roothill Lane, Brockham, Betchworth, Dorking, Surrey, RH3 7AS.

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FreeYourMind.UK Hypnotherapy Brain Stress Detox in Dorking, Surrey.
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