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Surrey Mental Wellbeing Trainer

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Free Your Mind From Old Traumatic Memories

Haunted By Traumatic Memories?

Clients often come to us when old difficult memories are causing them problems in the here and now.

Those problems may include anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, phobias, addictions, over eating, unwanted habits, overwhelm or stress.

Unlike memories of facts and events, traumatic memories are stored deeply within primal parts of the brain.

The primal brain thinks at a more emotional level than the logical "human brain" parts.

It is closely linked to the fight-flight-freeze physiological response, and has less understanding of our logical concepts of time and language.

Clients who are struggling with old traumatic memories often report that they wake up feeling tired, because their emotional brain is still trying to process that old traumatic event while they sleep, even years after the event happened.

You Can Free Your Mind

At FreeYourMind.UK, we use pioneering therapy techniques that are designed to work directly with the primal mind.

The techniques can help to process the emotional memories, so you can leave them in the past where they belong.

By releasing that old baggage, your mind will no longer need to struggle with those old emotions.

You can free your mind.

Your Therapist - Guildford, Surrey, London, Online

Your FreeYourMind.UK therapist is Keith Dewey, B.Sc. Cog Sci (Hons), MNCH (Reg), NLP Prac, ADCH, MNSP.

Keith's focus is working on the primal brain, to release those old emotional memories, and to help install better thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

He is qualified in a range of advanced techniques, including BWRT, Havening and NLP.

Our therapy locations include Guildford (Surrey, near Woking), London and online (Zoom).

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Free Your Mind From Traumatic Memories

FreeYourMind.UK provides pioneering therapies, including BWRT, Havening and NLP, to help release old traumatic memories and emotions.