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5 tips to feel happier

Our moods, thoughts, emotions and feelings fluctuate naturally, every day, every year.

Sometimes mood changes are more serious (trauma, anxiety, depression, etc) and we are here to help with those concerns.

However, less serious fluctuations can also make a big difference.

Here are 5 ways to help boost your feelings day to day and to recharge the your brain for greater energy and resilience.

Remember, there is no upper limit to how good you can feel. You can work to add more every day and feeling amazing!

1) Find time to do the things you enjoy.

If you're out of ideas, try doing things you used to enjoy when you were young. Play is a great thing and adults don't always remember that!

Remember to find the things that make you smile and laugh. Do them more. Easy!

Happy is different for everyone. Find your happy.

Then spend time in places and with people that make you happy.

Not rocket science, but something we often forget to remember.

2) Just take a moment.

If you're rushing around like crazy, the logic and strategic planning parts of the brain close down.

You're more likely to feel overwhelmed or suffer from "brain fog".

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes (when you've finished reading the article), become aware of how your body feels and give a mental massage to any tense muscles.

That will help restore blood flow to the more complex parts of your brain, and help you think more clearly.

3) Go outside.

Sunlight helps us to create feel good chemicals in the brain.

There's also many studies that suggest that being in nature can also restore our mental balance.

Take a walk in the open. Look around. Feel how your body feels. No mobiles allowed!

4) Sleep deep.

7 to 8 hours a night is recommended. This is when the brain sorts and files all the thoughts from the day and your body heals.

Relaxing and avoiding "blue screens" (mobiles, etc) before going to bed allows the body to start producing sleep chemicals, so you can easily drift off.

If you're waking with nightmares, that often suggests stress or trauma in the deep subconscious emotional mind, which needs to be resolved.

Areas of research are also starting to suggest that some forms of anxiety and depression are triggered by a lack of deep sleep.

If sleep is difficult, contact us for guided meditation recordings, which can help you drift into a comfortable deep sleep.

5) Eat and drink well.

Old news and it's not what all the big corporations and tv adverts want you to think.

But highly processed foods (fats, sugars), caffine, alchohol give you a temporary feel good blip, but then leave you feeling worse.

Experts recommend "multicolored whole foods that were recently alive" and if you hunt around, there's some great tastes out there! Have fun with it!

Don't be a sucker for the marketing adverts (e.g. healthy cereals that are 15% processed sugar - that's most of them). There's so much brain washing going on through adverts!

You can find those foods that make you feel amazing the next day.

And take a look at our types of magnesium because not all chemicals are equal!

If you're having problems with weight loss or addictons, we can help. Contact us today.

Caring For You

Your mental health is very important.

If you are suffering from poor mental health or want help to boost your feelings, always seek help.

If you are feeling really low, please refer to our mental health emergencies page.

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