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Three UK And Samaritans Partnership
Be A Better Phone Friend

Samaritans and Three Partnership

The Samaritans charity and Three UK Mobile have announced a 3 year charity partnership to help connect 1 million people to mental wellbeing health emotional support.

In addition to Three's "Be A Better Phone Friend" March 2021 campaign and tv adverts, Three's resources, technology, stores, network, training and fundraising initiatives will help Samaritans provide people with access to emotional support, all day, everyday.

Since the start of lockdown, it is thought that Samaritans have already provided people with one million hours of emotional support, helping peoples mental health and mental wellbeing, and no doubt reducing the number of suicides and attempted suicides considerably.

If you feel like you need urgent help with mental health, Click here for emergency mental health support links.

Be A Better Phone Friend for Mental Wellbeing

Three's "Be A Better Phone Friend" campaign shares the message that "We call, we chat. We hear them. But are we really listening?".

Three UK and Samaritans partnership refer to five listening styles.

Which are you?

  1. The Interviewer
  2. The Worrier
  3. The Attention Splitter
  4. The Fixer
  5. The Filler

Three UK and Samaritans also offer advice to help you help other people, by improving your listening skills, and being a better phone friend.

You may find your friend is actually really struggling with their mental wellbeing. They may be in a really dark head space and really need your help.

But they may be struggling to find the words. Mental wellbeing issues can make it harder to think straight about feelings, and the person may need time.

By simply speaking differently with your friends you might be able to really help them, their mental wellbeing, their mental health and your friendship.

Who Are The Samaritans?

Samaritans is a mental health charity with more than 20,000 volunteers responding to around 10,000 calls for help each day.

Samaritans is aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide throughout UK and Ireland.

The Samaritans is the only organisation collating suicide data for all UK nations and the Republic of Ireland.

You can call the Samaritans free, day or night, 365 days a year on 116 123

Samaritans For Urgent Mental Health Issues

More than 6,000 take their own lives by committing suicide each year, in UK and Ireland.

More than 1 in 20 people make a suicide attempt at some point in their lives.

1:4 teenages self-harm.

All these things must stop.

Their emotional brain is trying to find an answer to internal pressure, which they may not even be consciously aware of, and has overwhelmed the logical brain.

Suicide is always the worst permanent solution from what people find will be a temporary problem.

If you feel like you need urgent help with mental health, Click here for emergency mental health support links.

Who Are Three UK?

Three UK mobile was launched in the UK, in 2003. It is now the 4th largest UK mobile network operator, with over 13 million subscribers.

They offer Three UK personal and Three UK business services, with the Three website selling mobile phones, sim cards, mobile network access including 5G and broadband services.

Three also sponsors Gogglebox on 4, which is very different to the Samaritans.

Contact For Mental Wellbeing Support

FreeYourMind.UK does not provide emergency mental health services.

If you are in urgent need of mental health or physical health treatment, please contact your GP, hospital, or emergency help contacts.

FreeYourMind.UK is are specialised in more general mental wellbeing matters, including anxiety, anger, traumatic memories.

If you want help to feel better, let's talk:

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Three UK and Samaritans partnership

Samaritans and Three are working together to support mental wellbeing including "Be A Better Phone Friend" television adverts.

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