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Prince Harry on EMDR Tapping for PTSD.

Read About Hypnosis for PTSD Traumatic Memories

Prince Harry - EMDR on Apple+ TV - The Me You Can't See

Prince Harry has announced EMDR Tapping helped with his PTSD symptoms and mental wellbeing.

On an interview for Apple+ TV's new show "The Me You Can't See," with Oprah Winfrey he's talking about the EMDR and Tapping psychotherapy that he has received.

He also provides a very quick demonstration of the work that he does with his therapist.

Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey are said to have been very supportive.

Alternative Therapies Can Help

EMDR tapping is one of many amazing new alternative and complementary therapies that are typically not offered by mainstream medical services.

These new therapies have helped to make some amazing changes.

We seen lots of our clients rapidly change while using these techniques, in our therapy rooms in Dorking, Surrey.

Click the links to find out more about amazing new therapies like: EMDR+, TFT and EFT Tapping, Deep Brain Hypnotherapy, Havening, BWRT and NLP.

Click here to book an advanced mind therapy session in Dorking, Surrey or online.

Prince Harry YouTube Video - EMDR and Tapping for Trauma.

Watch the YouTube update from Inside Edition about Prince Harry doing EMDR on Apple TV+ The Me You Can't See show:

What is EMDR Therapy and Tapping?

I spend a lot of time researching and training in alternative therapies, to find new ways to help my therapy clients in Dorking, Surrey and London.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an advanced form of psychosensory counselling.

It was first developed by Francine Shapiro, an American psychologist, in 1988.

Francine was walking in a park, struggling with some thoughts she was having.

She then found that she could calm those thoughts by moving her eyes back and forth.

Butterfly Tapping on the arms, back and forth, also known as bi-lateral stimulation, which Prince Harry was seen to be doing in the Apple TV+ show called "The Me You Can't See," is an evolution of the left-and-right eye movements of the original EMDR.

Which celebrities said they had EMDR therapy?

Celebrities who announced they've had EMDR include:

  1. Prince Harry EMDR
  2. Kate Garraway EMDR
  3. Rachel Wood EMDR to deal with emotional PTSD memories of a sexual assult, who called the therapy "absolutely fantastic".
  4. Comedian Whitney Cummings EMDR

Many other celebrities have also gone public about their mental wellbeing considerations and therapies, including Justin Bieber using Havening, Dwayne Johnson - The Rock - On Depression, Freddie Flintoff Living with Bulimia and UK's King George VI stutter or stammer.

Tapping - EFT and TFT Therapy in Reigate, Surrey and London

"Tapping", as a therapy normally refers to Thought Field therapy (TFT) by Roger Callahan in 1985, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by Gary Craig in 1993.

Both TFT and EFT, which are often referred to as "acupuncture without the needles", use tapping on different parts of the body, following specific tapping algorithms, to help the body and deep brain release old negative memories.

Of all these techniques, EMDR is the only one to have been fully accepted by the UK NHS (via the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), which advises NHS doctors to:

Consider EMDR for adults with a diagnosis of PTSD or clinically important symptoms of PTSD who have presented between 1 and 3 months after a non-combat-related trauma if the person has a preference for EMDR, and to offer EMDR to adults with a diagnosis of PTSD or clinically important symptoms of PTSD who have presented more than 3 months after a non-combat-related trauma."

Read About Surrey Hypnosis for releasing PTSD Traumatic Memories

Prince Harry YouTube Video - London as a Trauma Trigger.

Watch the YouTube update from Inside Edition about Prince Harry doing EMDR on Apple TV+ The Me You Can't See show:

EMDR and Tapping Therapy in Dorking, Surrey and London

Our FreeYourMind.UK therapist, who works with clients in Dorking, Surrey and London, UK, has qualified in many techniques, like EMDR.

These techniques are often considered alternative or complementary, but we have also seen them help with some amazing inner changes.

We believe they should be seen as mainstream therapies, because they have been used to help so many people.

Our Dorking, Surrey and London therapies include:

Would you like help?

We can provide you with professional and confidential guidance and support.

If you are ready to improve your thoughts and feelings, click here to book your appointment.

You might find something amazing will happen!

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Prince Harry EMDR Tapping Therapy on Apple TV+

Watch the Apple TV+ show to hear Prince Harry talk about how EMDR is helping him.

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