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Self-help books by Paul McKenna

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List of Paul McKenna's self-help books.

Paul McKenna is one of the UK's leading self-help gurus. He regularly advocates hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT and Havening Techniques®.

Photograph of Paul McKenna with FreeYourMind.UK's lead therapist, Keith Dewey!

Paul McKenna has written many books to help people to help themselves, including:

  1. Seven things that make or break a relationship, 2020.
  2. Control Stress, 2017
  3. Supercharge Your Intelligence Today! 2017
  4. Get Control of Sugar Now! 2017
  5. The 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today! 2016
  6. Freedom from Emotional Eating, 2015
  7. Instant Influence and Charisma, 2015
  8. Hypnotic Gastric Band, 2013
  9. I Can Make You Smarter, 2012
  10. I Can Make You Happy, 2011
  11. Change Your Life in Seven Days, 2010
  12. I Can Make You Confident, 2010
  13. I Can Make You Sleep, 2009
  14. Control Stress Stop Worrying and Feel Good Now!, 2009
  15. I Can Make You Rich, 2007
  16. Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, 2007
  17. Instant Confidence, 2006
  18. I Can Make You Thin 90-Day Success Journal, 2006
  19. I Can Make You Thin, 2005
  20. Change Your Life in Seven Days, 2005
  21. How to Mend Your Broken Heart, 2003
  22. The Power to Influence, 1998
  23. The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, 1997
  24. Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Secrets, 1995
  25. Hypno Slim, 1994
  26. The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, 1994

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