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The Swan Protocol Therapy

Bob Burn's Swan Protocol

The Swan Protocol is a recently developed method for therapists to work with the subconscious mind.

Clients may at first find the results very surprising, as their subconscious mind directly responds to questions given by the therapist, by-passing conscious thought.

The Swan Protocol gets it's name from the shape taken by the client's arm and hand. Their hand taking the shape of the swan's head.

By then engaging the sub-conscious mind, the therapist is able to cause the hand to twitch in ways that can provide yes (e.g. index finger) and no responses (e.g. little finger).

Through a well structured line of questions and answers, the therapist can develop a conversation with "the swan", to help process issues in the client's mind.

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At FreeYourMind.uk, we use a range of rapid therapeutic techniques, to help improve thoughts, feelings and behaviours, for long term benefit. We do not prescribe medicines or provide medicinal advice.

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At FreeYourMind.UK, we provide advanced mind therapy to help people with anxiety, phobias, trauma (PTSD), weight loss and stopping smoking.

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