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The Swan Protocol for Psychotherapy

What is Bob Burn's Swan Protocol?

The Swan Protocol is a recently developed method for therapists to work with the subconscious primal mind.

The Swan Protocol gets it's name from the shape taken by the client's arm and hand.

The client's hand is held in a relaxed manner and takes the shape of the swan's head.

By then engaging the sub-conscious mind, the therapist is able to cause the hand to twitch in ways that can provide yes (e.g. index finger) and no responses (e.g. little finger).

The hand's autonomous response can surprise the client and anyone watching, as their subconscious mind directly responds to questions given by the therapist.

However, it similar to walking somewhere. You don't consciously think about lifting and moving your foot, or all the muscles that have to engage at the right time. Your subconscious does all that for you.

So why not let your subconscious send a message through your muscles of your hand?

Therapists who are trained in the swan protocol will use a well structured line of questions and answers, that can develop a conversation with a part of the subconscious mind, via "the swan", to help process issues deep in the client's mind.

Bob Burns has more than 40 years experience, helping thousands of clients, and works as working clinical hypnotist based in Montrose, Scotland (The home of James Esdaile, an amazing hypnotherapist from 1808-1859 who used hypnosis rather than anaesthetic to prepare people for surgery.)

See Bob Burns use the Swan protocol on a client with a cat allergy.

See Bob Burns Swan Protocol in action with self-Swanning

Primal mind psychotherapy and coaching in London, Surrey and online

At FreeYourMind.UK, we use a range of advanced therapies that focus on the subconscious primal mind, to help people with anxiety, anger, phobias, trauma (PTSD), weight loss and stopping smoking.

From our range of therapy rooms across London (Harley Street, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Kensington) and Surrey (Guildford, Woking, Cobham, Epsom), we use a variety of leading techniques include NLP, hypnotherapy, Havening, TFT, EFT, BWRT and EMDR+, to help create rapid change in the primal mind.

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Swan Protocol Psychotherapy

The Swan Protocol is a powerful approach for therapists to work with subconscious primal mind. provides help for anxiety; anger; trauma; phobias; fears; anger; stopping smoking; weight loss, online, in London and Guildford (Surrey), using hypnotherapy, tapping, EMDR+ and NLP.