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Mental Health Tattoos & Mental Wellbeing Tattoos

What are Mental Health Tattoos & Mental Wellbeing Tattoos?

Mental Health Tattoos & Mental Wellbeing Tattoos are often used as a way to remind ourselves about how your mental health was, or how you want your mental health to be.

It could relate to anxiety, depression, trauma, PSTD, anger or relationships with other people or animals.

As with any tattoo, it will always have unique and special meaning for the person who has chosen and got that specifi tattoo.

What is the Semicolon Tattoo for Mental Health

The semicolon tattoo for depression and mental health issues was originally designed by Amy bleuel in 2013 as part of the Semicolon Project.

Grammatically, in English grammar, the semicolon means that there is pause, but the story isn't over and there is more to be written.

It's a sign to keep going.

And here are some mental health tattoos!

Show us your mental health tattoo

If you have a mental health tattoo, we'd love to see it. Send us a link to your photo below.

Mental health tattoos

Mental health tattoos can be powerful ways to express your thoughts and feelings about mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.