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Best List Of Top Famous Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists

Welcome to the FreeYourMind.UK hypnotherapy hall of fame list.

Find out who is the top hypnotherapist is the world!

Who is the greatest hypnotherapist? Who is the best hypnotherapist? Who is the most famous hypnotherapist?

Do you know hypnotherapy can be amazing!

Hypnotherapy is often used to help with anxiety and panic attacks, help with anger, or help with PTSD and traumatic memories.

Who Is Your Top Hypnotherapist?

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Who is top of the FreeYoruMind.uk hypnotherapy hall of fame so far?

Our hypnotherpay hall of fame for famous hypnotherapists is:

Keith Dewey

The hypnotherapist for you at FreeYourMind.UK!

James Braid (1795-1860)

A Scottish surgeon who coined the term hypnosis, which he later renamed monoideism. He was an important pioneer in the adoption of both hypnotic anaesthesia, regarded by some as the "Father of Modern Hypnotism"

James Esdaile

A Scottish surgeon, who did a lot with hypnosis and animal magnetism in India, including performing surgery operations using hypnosis rather than anesthetics, with reports that patients felt less pain and recovered more quickly.

Jean-Martin Charcot (1825 - 1893)

Jean-Martin Charcot was a French neurologist who worked on hypnosis and hysteria, with a hysterical patient called Louise Augustine Gleizes. He even imprssed a young Freud,

Karl Smith

Mike Mandel

Milton Erickson (1901-1980)

an American psychologist and psychiatrist who specialized in medical hypnosis. Known for brief, solution focused approach, with heavy use of metaphors.

Paul McKenna

International hypnotherapist self-help guru and proponent of NLP and Havening. We've also compiled a list of Paul McKenna's self-help therapy books!

Richard Bandler

Co-founder of NLP.

Bob Burns

A Scottish hypnotherapist, partcularly known for his Bob Burn's Swan Technique

Derren Brown

More known for his stage show work, he's done many years of hypnosis. Read our article about Derren Brown 20 Years Of Mind Control Hypnosis.

Gregory Bateson

Freddie Jacquin

Franz Mesmer (1734–1815)

Perhaps one of the earliest hypnotherapists, under the name mesmerism. Unfortunately his approach was actually discredited on the basis that it was more powerful than original thought!

Sigmund Freud

Although he probably did more to damage the field of hypnotherapy that help it, his diary shows he tried hypnosis in his earlier work. It's just thought that he wasn't very good at it. He mostly got people to sit on a couch and talk to themselves until they found their own answer. It seems quite likely that his patients would have induced a self-hypnotic trance in themselves, as they spent all that time exploring their own minds! The Netflix film Freud tells a different story though!

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