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Free Havening Events

Havening Events

Havening Techniques® are a new psychosensory therapy that can work at very deep levels of the brain, well below conscious thought, to help with trauma, anxiety, phobias and many more concerns.

Our lead therapist is a Havening Certified Practitioner and can help you online.

For more information on the Havening technique, see our Havening information page.

Future Havening Events

Paul Mckenna

1st July 2020, 1pm BST - Ron Ruden (co-creator of Havening) answers questions on Facebook live.

15th August 2020, all day, Fran Proctor, Havening: A New Approach to Understanding Childhood Trauma & ACEs

Previous Havening Events

14th June 2020 - Global Havening "Heal the world" event on Facebook live. havening event details

Invest in your mind

For 1:1 help with a Havening Certified Practitioner, contact us today.

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Havening uses touch to create delta waves in the mind,
that can help to rapidly change neural pathways and reset difficult feelings.

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