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Fast Therapy - Needle Phobia


Free Your Mind.

How Can I Overcome Needle Phobia?

Does the thought of needles or injections make you panic?

Are you unable to control that subconscious response?

Are you ready to free your mind from that phobia?

Book your appointment today for your advanced phobia therapy treatment.

About Needle Phobia Treatment

My unique approach combines guided visualisation with psychosensory techniques.

These techniques are designed to rapidly reprogramme your automated phobic responses.

This can help your brain to simply forget to be concerned.

I will help you release that phobia as fast as possible.

You may experience considerable change within the first appointment.

What Do Clients Say?

"Thanks so much for today! I cannot believe I’m writing this but I actually watched a video of blood being taken and I was fine!! 😂 I cannot tell you how incredible that is."

"I found Keith and am so glad, he was absolutely amazing and so kind, patient and had all the time in the world for our son. It really put him at ease and he managed the surgery."

Take The Needle Phobia Assessment

We invite all clients to take the assessment, before and after each treatment.

On a scale of 0 (everything is OK) to 10 (the worst you can imagine), how would you score:

1) Thinking about a picture of an injection?

2) Thinking about booking an injection?

3) Thinking about going to the treatment room?

4) Thinking about having the injection?

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Appointments are held on the medical grade doxy.me video call platform. No downloads required.

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Phobia Therapy Treatment for Fear of Needles, Injections, Blood

Book now for fast therapy treatments to help overcome fear and phobia of needles and injections.

We also provide advanced phobia therapy for:
fear of cats, fear of dogs, fear of dentists, fear of spiders, general anxiety and traumatic stress.