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Dwayne Johnson - The Rock - On Depression

Helping to calm your mind.

The Rock on Mental Health

Dwayne Johson seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

He has found extensive fame and wealth as an American-Canadian actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler, and former American football player.

But, as proof the money doesn't buy mental health, he has also done a great job at speaking out about some of his struggles.

Dwayne Johnson Mental Health Videos

Watch the videos of Dwayne Johnson - The Rock - talking about Depression and Mental Health.

You feel like you're alone. It's going to be OK. On OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network

Dwayne Johson talks about depression on City News, on the release of Rampage.

"I fell into depression". What it takes for sport bible.

On being authentic and being booed by 20,000 people.

Dwayne Johnson - The Rock - Motivation speach.

Chris Evans Advice for People with Anxiety and Depression

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