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Derren Brown
20 Years Of Mind Control Hypnosis

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Hypnotherapy is often used to help with PTSD and traumatic memories, help with anger, or help with anxiety and panic attacks.

Is Derren Brown's hypnosis real?

Our short answer is quite probably yes.

Derren Brown's hypnosis shock hypnotic inductions have been used by stage hypnotists for many years.

The shock hypnotic inductions, or rapid hypnotic inductions, are less likely to work on everyone, so Derren Brown will have selected his person carefully.

People are more likely to be affected by the rapid inductions that Derren Brown uses if they are somnambulistic. That means they are more likely to be someone who sleepwalks or talks in their sleep. Their conscious and subconscious minds are closely linked.

Derren Brown also uses hypnotic states to have people quickly forget their name, fall down (which has a clear risk of physical damage), forget a number or to think something that isn't true.

Often, his work only uses a very light hypnotic trance state, which demonstrates how easily a suggestive state can be achieved.

For example, Derren Brown's mind control film on a London underground train:

Or controlling lots of people in a shopping mall in Croydon, London:

These are all very popular hypnosis techniques used by stage show hypnotists for hundreds of years.

Paul McKenna hypnosis

These techniques were also used a lot by Paul McKenna doing stage hypnosis and street hypnosis in the 1990's, and there's still lots of videos showing this on YouTube, like the one below. However, it's great to see that Paul McKenna has put these skills to better use, helping people to change for the better, also using NLP, TFT and Havening. All techniques that therapists at FreeYourMind.UK and trained and qualified in.

He's a video from 1999, showing Paul McKenna doing stage hypnosis on the streets of London.

What other techniques does Derren Brown use?

Derren Brown uses various of techniques, in addition to hypnosis.

Part of his shows are based on magic, which is simply fooling the eye and mind.

A lot of what he says about other techniques is likely to be a distraction from what he's really doing.

For example, he will often speak about anchors, where he is implanting specific thoughts in people's minds. Anchors are a very powerful from the NLP toolset, however we expect he is largely using this idea as a distraction for us, rather than to change the person's thinking.

Who is Derren Brown?

Derren Brown was born in 1971 in Croydon, London, England.

He is a mentalist and illusionist, who says he uses "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship".

His first television show was Derren Brown: Mind Control in 2000.

Hypnotherapy can help you

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You may also be interested in:
Tricks Of The Mind, book by Derren Brown,
Happy, book by Derren Brown,
best hypnotherapy books,
books by Paul McKenna,
hypnotherapy hall of fame.

How is hypnotherapy different?

As clinic hypnotherapists, we don't use shock inductions, because it's unlikely to help the client feel comfortable!

When we use hypnosis, it is typically a gentle hypnotic relaxation, to help the client find a relaxed state of focus where they are in control at all times and will remember everything that is said.

However, the powerful results can still be achieved to help people change how they think and to feel better.

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