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NHS COVID Test and Trace App QR Code Guildford

The FreeYourMind.UK COVID QR Code for NHS Test and Trace App

Guildford QR Code - NHS COVID Test and Trace

As part of our measures to keep clients safe, we have introduced the Covid NHS Test and Trace QR Code into our therapy rooms.

Any clients using the NHS COVID Test and Trace app can scan the QR Code in our rooms, to help with their own safety.

This is in addition to all the other measures we have put in place to keep clients safe in these strange COVIDtimes.

Stay safe. Stay well.

COVID Stress

Have you noticed increased anger, anxiety, eating, drinking or brain fog?

The chaos created by COVID can deeply affect our subconscious mind.

Like lava in a volcano, that tension can explode in a wide range of ways, including emotional changes (anxiety, anger, fear, worry, etc), behavioural changes (smoking, eating, drinking, etc) and psychosomatic changes (muscle pains, headaches, rashes, etc).

For more information, visit our COVID Stress page.

More About FreeYourMind.UK Guildford COVID Safety Measures

For more information about our Covid controls, please contact us.

What is the COVID NHS Test and Trace App QR Code?

The COVID NHS Test and Trace App notifies the NHS Test and Trace team where you have been.

Some locations, such as FreeYourMind.UK in Guildford provide a two dimensional bar code (a QR code).

For example, the QR code to access this webpage (not our Test and Trace QR Code!) is:

You can scan that NHS Test and Trace QR code to notify your app, and the NHS, that you have visted a location.

If someone has been found to have COVID at that location, you will then be notified by the NHS Test and Trace team.

This can help to reduce COVID transmissions, keeping you and the people you are near, safer.

If COVID is creating problems for your mental health or mental wellbeing, please contact us for help.

FreeYourMind NHS COVID-19 Test and Trace App QR Code in Guildford, Surrey.