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Celebrities with depression

Helping to calm your mind.

Famous names with depression

Clinical depression is more than feeling sad.

Clinical depression is a deep neurological state, where the brain is working in a different way.

The comparison is similar to a lightly sprained muscle and deep tissue damage that needs proper treatment.

Clinical Depression is a deep feeling of emptiness and lack of reason or purpose.

If you think you have depression, or unwanted thoughts, feelings or habits, it is important and easy to get help.

Mainstream media has reported the following celebrities claim to have depression.


The famous singer.

Angelina Jolie

The famous actress.

Ashley Judd

The famous actress.

Bruce Springsteen

The famous singer.

Buzz Aldrin

The famous astronaught.

Cara Delevingne

The famous actress and model.

Demi Lovato

The famous singer.

Dwayne Johnson

The famous wrestler and power house. See our video collection about Dwayne Johnson speak on depression and mental health.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The famous actress.

J.K. Rowling

The famous author.

Jim Carrey

The actor and comedian.

Jon Hamm

The famous actor on Mad Men.

Katy Perry

The famous singer.

Kristen Bell

The famous actress.

Lady Gaga

The famous singer.

Michael Phelps

The olympic swimmer.

Naomi Judd

The famous actress.

Robin Williams

The actor and comedian.

Ryan Phillippe

The famous actor.

Sheryl Crow

The famous singer.

Terry Bradshaw

The famous sportsman.

Tipper Gore

The second lady; Al Gore's wife.

Wayne Brady

The comedian.

If you have unwanted thoughts, feelings or habits, or think you may have depression, it is OK to ask for help. It is not OK to suffer in silence.

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