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Can Hypnotherapy Help Autism Aspergers Spectrum?

At FreeYourMind.UK, we are always happy to help people labelled with Autism or Aspergers.

Our therapies, such as Hypnotherapy, BWRT and Havening are used to help people with phobias, anger, fears and anxiety, which are often experienced by people labelled with Autism.

While we wouldn't suggest that these therapies "cure" autism or aspergers, reducing those other unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits can improve an individual's quality of life.

We typically find people labelled autistic to be exceptionally intelligent, very caring and a pleasure to work with.

Autism means a persons brain works differently, but everyone's brain works differently, which is a good thing!

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What are Autism and Aspergers?

People labelled with autism are commonly defined as having difficulties with:

Autism is also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder, as there can be a wide range of severity.

Aspergers used to be thought of as a severe form of autism, although it is often more associated with marked clumsiness, and less with delays to speach and the person's (cognitive) development.

Autism and Aspergers are both defined as pervasive developmental disorders by the World Health Organisation's ICD-10 catalogue.

They are both labels, based on an individual's behaviours, rather than specific neurological brain states.

Other common problems include sleeping difficulties, phobias and anger (both tantrums and self-directed).

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Hypnotherapy, Autism and Aspergers

Here, we discuss what austism and aspergers is, and how hypnotherapy, Havening and BWRT can help.