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The 3 Problems Anger Outbursts Create

What 3 problems are created by anger outbursts?

What 3 Problems Are Created By Anger Outbursts?

Even though anger is a natural human reaction, which is there to help protect us or other people, it can sometimes start to explode at the wrong time.

Anger outbursts create three longer term problems:

  1. Physical Problems
  2. Psychological Problems
  3. Social Problems

Find out more below.

1) What Are Physical Problems Caused By Anger?

Anger outbursts can do physical damage to your own body.

The physiological responses from anger can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other long term illnesses.

Anger also creates the risk of harm to other people or property.

2) What Are Psychological Problems Caused By Anger?

Beside the psychological problems of anger itself, people who suffer from anger outbursts often feel regret or guilt after an outburst.

3) What Are Social Problems Caused By Anger?

Anger outbursts often negatively affect the people around you as well.

The anger is likely to create feelings of fear, resentment, hopelessness, overwhelm and loss of control.

Those people may start to back away to protect themselves.

Do You Need Help For Anger Outbursts?

Many years ago, anger management courses told people to punch pillows to release anger.

These days, we know that spending time being angry at pillows just trains your brain to be angry at pillows.

Being angry at pillows is not a useful life skill.

Anger is a deep, primal response.

To change anger, you need to change that deep, primal response.

At, our therapist uses advanced techniques to help reprogramme that primal response.

We don't spend ages talking about how that anger feels or rationalising a primal process.

We take steps to help you replace that old response with your preferred response.

Changes often only need a few sessions.

Change can be easy.

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Anger outbursts create three types of problems - physical, psychological and social.